Can a dragon love a fox
52 chapter 51
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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52 chapter 51

"Crown Prince Cuan I think it is high time to go back to the room"

Cuan looked up and spoke with a double tongue "no, I'm having a good time! I can play another round and this time I win! "

Kaida laughed "it was my pleasure and I enjoyed the game but there has been two hours since our wedding ceremony. And it is customary for the bridal couple to go to their bridal room now "

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With the help of his first general Cuan stood up "I hear that a fighting tournament is being held during the annual fox festival, count on my participation Queen!"

Huli stood up and handed out his hand to Kaida "then we will see you there crown prince Cuan, it was an honor to have you at our wedding" he was convinced that Cuan had lost the first time because he had underestimated her strength The other losses were due to the fact that he was already under the influence of the liquor.

Kaida took huli's hand and stood up "it was my pleasure and I look forward to your participation in the fight tournament"

Huli and Kaida walked to the wagon while the guests threw flowers in their path. Huli helped Kaida in the wagon and got in. The wagon drove off towards the palace

Okuri raised his glass and said to the guests "let's drink at the wedding couple. The night is still young, let's celebrate their wedding exuberantly! "


When they arrived at the palace, maids were ready to prepare Kaida for her wedding night. When she was ready she was escorted to the bridal room. The maids helped her out of her bathrobe and left the room

Kaida sat naked on the bed in the bridal room and looked around the room. The room was large and different colors of rose petals were scattered on the floor. The bed was large and had a white silk sky. The candles that were lit gave the room a romantic atmosphere.


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