Can a dragon love a fox
53 chapter 52
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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53 chapter 52


It was so quiet in the room that she could heard her heart beating. She did not know what to expect and she was nervous. Maybe she should have asked Rei for advice. What should she do in such a situation? Should she stay on the edge of the bed or should she lie down in the middle of the bed?

Kaida decided to lie down in the middle of the bed. But what will Huli think of that? What if he thinks that she wanted to have a wild night with him. She crawled across the bed looking for a good position to settle down.

Just then Huli came into the room in his bathrobe. He looked at the bed and saw that Kaida was sitting on the bed with her naked butt facing him. "What are you doing my queen? "

 She fled from shame under the blanket. "I was doing Nothing my king! Was just admiring the bed "

Huli grinned and took off his bathrobe. He put his bathrobe over a chair and went to the bed. Where did that spiciness of hers go? When he was standing by the bed, he pulled up the blanket. "Why do you hide yourself under the blanket if you were not doing anything my queen?"

He saw Kaida looking at him angrily. Her eyes had a seductive glow in the moonlight. Her hair glowed like fire in the candlelight, on the white background of the bed. His eyes slid from her eyes, to her lips, to her neck and further to her full breasts, her narrow waist and her wide hips. He swallowed he could not deny that she looked good.

"are you done with staring? It's pretty chily! Kaida pulled the blanket out of his hand and turned her back to him. My heaven what a divine body he has. How can anyone be so muscular! Plus he is pretty big in other places. her cheeks glowed with the image of his naked body. @@


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