Can a dragon love a fox
54 chapter 53
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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54 chapter 53

Huli looked at her and found it amusing how she behaved. Before he met Kaida, he had no intention of spending their wedding night together. But she did something to him that he couldn't explain. He crawled into the bed and lay down against her.

"Are you nervous my queen? I promise that I will be gentle"or at least he will try as he had never shared a bed with a woman in his nineteen years of life. He only hoped Salmus hadn't told him nonsense. Because Salmus loved jokes.

Kaida felt the warmth of his body and her heart started to beat faster. Her heart was beating so fast that she was sure it could be heard throughout the room. His words reassured her somewhat, but she was still too shy to turn around and look at him. "Mm please be gentle, it's my first time"

She felt his hands exploring her body. His touches were tender and everywhere he touched her felt warm. He massaged her breasts with his hands and played with her nipples. Her breathing became heavier and her nervousness gave way to excitement.

Huli slid a hand over her stomach to her private area. When he touches her down there he could hear her moan. That she was already fairly wet, was making him feel more confident that he was on the right track. But what now? It was difficult for him to ask Salmus to explain in detail what steps he should take.

Kaida felt something hard against her butt. Was that his genitals? This meant that he was excited just like her. She wanted to touch it, how will it feel? She moved her arm back and grabbed his genitals with her hand. It was hard and warm. She stroked it with her hand and felt it getting harder. While she was stroking his genitals, his breath was turning heavier and she ccould hear him moan softly. She wondered what kind of facial expressions Huli would have now.

Huli could not wait any longer, her touches drove him crazy. He turned her on her back and climbed on top of her. Kaida's cheeks were red and she looked at him with pleasure in her eyes. She ran her hands over his chest. She spread her legs so that he could penetrate her more easily.

When he penetrated her, she felt a slight pain, the more he moved the pain turend into pleasure. With his blue eyes he looked at her so intensely that she got jitters in her belly and it only made her hotter. She looked at his face and wondered how his lips would taste.

The room was filled with the sound of their moans. His strokes went faster and deeper. Kaida felt an unknown feeling coming into her stomach. She gasped "wait my king, stop a moment I feel something coming"

Does she really think I'm going to stop? I am so close "I am about to come, I really can't stop now" Huli increased his pace and started to stroke a little bit rougher. Within a few minutes later their body was baptized in an intense feeling of pleasure.


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