Can a dragon love a fox
55 Chapter 54
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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55 Chapter 54

Kaida woke up from the sun shining in her face. When she wanted to sit up she felt that her whole body was very sore. She looked around the room but there was no sign of Huli. She thought back to last night. She felt she was blushing.

Just at that moment there was a knock on the door "your queen it's Rei can I come in?"

Kaida was happy to hear it was Rei "come in quickly!"

Rei came in with a grin on her face. She went to the bed and sat on the edge "and what was it like? I want to know everything! Don't forget to tell me every detail! Was he tender? Did you like it? How many rounds? How does he kiss?

Kaida already got a headache from all those questions, but was eager to tell Rei everything. Just when she wanted to tell everything, she thought about how he kisses.

They hadn't kissed! Why was that so? She wanted to kiss him especially when he had looked at her so intensely. But she was shy to take the initiative. Why had he not taken the initiative?

"Rei what does it mean if someone doesn't kiss you?"

Rei looked at her in surprise. No kiss? I won't know. Kyro always flooded her with kisses, so she's not used to anything else. Or is it possible that they had not sealed their marriage? "So you didn't do anything on your wedding night?"

Kaida blushed at Rei's question "yes we did and it was overwhelming. Truly an experience I have never had. And I liked it, only my whole body hurts. Even though he was tender. A bit rough at the end but it was not  out of place. Only he has not kissed me. And I did not dare to take the initiative "

Rei laughed. She has never seen Kaida so shy and she was rattling on. "I'm glad it was a good experience. Regarding that you have not kissed, I cannot answer. Maybe that will come. Rumors are that he has never shared a bed with a woman. So he must also learn. Maybe he was shy? "

Rei helped Kaida with bathing and getting dressed. When they were done, they left the room on the way to the garden. Kaida had heard that the palace had a beautiful garden with many different types of flowers and she could not wait to admire it.


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