Can a dragon love a fox
56 Chapter 55
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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56 Chapter 55

As they walked through the corridors a maid came to walk towards them "your princess and your queen, the royal mother has been waiting for some time to get a morning greeting from you"

A morning greeting? What is that? Kaida had never heard of it, but something told her that it was better to go and visit Haya. She turned to the maid "lead the way "

Within minutes they stood before a glass door. The maid opened the doors and bowed "your princess and your queen the King's mother is a little further"

Kaida thanked the maid and walked through the doors. She walked into a room with large glass windows. through the glass windows the room was richly illuminated with sunlight. the sunlight reflected beautifully on the white tiles on the floor.

A glass rectangular table with white chairs stood in the center of the room. The table was richly filled with all kinds of food.

Haya was sitting at the headboard and next to her Sat Nana. Yumi sat on the left side of the table and Hui and Huan sat on the right side of the table.

Haya looked up and saw Kaida. She put down her cutlery and looked down at her "it about time I wonder if you have any respect for our habits. Don't you know anything about our rules? The engagement did not come as a surprise to you. What have you done in those five years? "

Hui and Huan looked at each other. Why is their mother doing this? Kaida had just had her wedding night, it is logical that she will not be present or will be at breakfast later.

Meanwhile, Kaida looked annoyed at haya. "Royal mother we of the dragon tibe are a proud tribe and although I am married to the crown prince of the foxes tribe we also have our habits. But because I know how much we value our habits, I will respect yours too. "

"Where do you get the nerve to do so ..."

before Nana could talk further, Kaida interrupted her "it will be wise if you keep your mouth shut and know when you have the right to talk to me, the queen. You talk about rules while it is visible that a rule is currently being broken. The rules state that only the queen is allowed to sit next to the royal mother. Yet I see you sitting next to the royal mother. While you are neither the queen nor the king's mistress. As long as I am not respected as the queen, I will not participate in breakfast. I wish you a nice day "

Kaida turned and left with Rei, leaving Haya and Nana bewildered. Yumi almost choked on her drink. Hui and Haun were laughing and already loved Kaida. She matched Huli exactly.


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