Can a dragon love a fox
57 Chapter 56
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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57 Chapter 56

Kaida angrily walked down the corridor of the palace and wanted to return to her room until a servent adressed her "your queen you have been summoned by the councilors to participate in the council meeting in the throne room"


In his office, Huli sat at his desk and stared at a document. He sighed and looked at the ceiling, in his mind he saw Kaida. He thought back to their wedding night.

Should he have waited until she awoke? Who knows when that had happened and Huli still had a lot to do. Because of the wedding, things had moved to the background and they had to be picked up again.

He was taken out of his mind by knocking on the door "enter"

His first general stepped in and looked at him with a smile on his face "your highness the councilors are waiting for you in the throne room to begin the council meeting. But I am more curious about what your wedding night was like, since you were working again before the sunrise "

Huli rolled his eyes "you are becoming more cheeky with each passing day my friend. It's because of my wedding night that I am in a happier mood so I will let it go "  Laughing, they left the office on their way to the throne room.

When they opened the doors to the throne room, they were greeted by the councilors. Huli looked around the room looking for Kaida. Where was she? Why were his mother and Nana present too?

He walked to the throne. he looked at his mother and Nana with a cold look before he sat down.

Haya laughed sneaky and whispered in Nana her ear "that barbarian will not come any time soon because I have asked a servant to pass on the message ten minutes later"

Since Huli sat down, a silence had fallen and it was silent in the throne room. The council members looked at each other looking for someone who was brave enough to break the silence.

After five minutes an older councilor stood up and spoke "with all due repect your highness but I propose to start. Every minute we waste an unfortunate soul suffers "

Huli gestured with his hands that they could start. One council member after the other got up to call attention to matters that they considered important. Huli was already tired of them and thought to themselves and they cannot handle these things themselves?


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