Can a dragon love a fox
58 Chapter 57
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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58 Chapter 57

A council member stood up an spoke "my highness the people in a village of the northwest tribe are plagued by bandits. The situation there is getting out of hand. so much that your uncle is asking for reinforcement. The fields and houses are being looted. One speaks of.."

Before he could continue talking, he was interrupted by the doors of the throne room that opened. The servent bowed and said loudly "your queen has arrived" then he stood up and closed the doors of the throne room.

The throne room became noisy by the council members who began to disapprovingly gossip among themselves "only now she is showing her face? "" This is our queen? "" She has no respect for us at all "

Kaida stood up straight and confident in the throne room and could clearly hear the council members. She didn't care what they had to say about her. Her eyes were fixed on Huli sitting on his throne, and to her annoyance she saw that Nana was sitting on his right and Haya beside her.

Huli looked at her with a raised eyebrow, why is she standing there. Does she not see that they are waiting until she takes place?

He suddenly looked furiously to his right. Why did his mother and Nana choose to be present today and choose to sit on this side?

He stood up and looked at Kaida "I am glad that you are finally joining us with your presence my queen, take a seat so that we can continue"

Kaida was not happy with his tone. What do you mean? I arrived immediately when I received the message. A little respect is all that I ask and it looks like they had none for her! "It is my honor my king to be present. I'd rather stand if you will be so kind as to continue "

The councilors looked at each other and did not know how to feel. Were they offended? Or did they feel uncomfortable? Or was it a bit of both? It was clear that Kaida was determined to remain standing.

Huli sighed and sat down "as you wish. Councilor continue "

The councilor looked from Kaida to Huli and back. He took a deep breath and went on speaking "where was I, oh yes people speak of disappearances of villagers. If this continues, the villagers are forced to leave their village to seek refuge elsewhere. The situation is too unsafe for them. I propose to provide reinforcement as quickly as possible. "


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