Can a dragon love a fox
59 Chapter 58
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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59 Chapter 58

Huli thought, who was stupid enough to cause mischief while he rules the north. It was clear that there was still bad blood between the tribes, partly due to the war. He had heard from Salmus that there was a brotherhood that contained members from different tribes.

"Send a message to the 20 formidable warriors and let them drive northwest befor the second sunrise "

The councilor bowed "yes your highness may I ask who you appoint as the one who will lead the warriors"

Nana saw her chance and spoke "Your highness and councilors normally i would lead the warriors as a general, but my father has sent a message and asked me to return home to give a report about the council meeting. But I propose to entrust the task to the queen "

When Nana finished talking again the throne room is noisy again "can we entrust this task to her" "isn't it better if someone from the foxes tribe leads the warriors?" "Does she know how to be a leader?"

To throw fire on the oil, Nana added a few insults "we cannot fall back on the dragons of the dragon tribe so I wonder how the queen will contribute to our tribe. Isn't this the perfect opportunity to show herself? "

The room now became even more restless and again the council members began to talk among themselves "what does she contribute? Is it wealth? Or military force? "" What is a dragon tribe without their dragons ?"

Kaida began to be annoyed at how easily the council members were swayed by a few words. She was glad that the dragon tribe did not have such incompetent councilors who supposedly helped the king rule his nation.

"This is so below me. No worries I accept the task Twenty warriors are not necessary for me. I will travel with my four generals and Rei tol the village in the northwest. And I will leave before sunset. "Kaida turned and walked to the door

"Your queen with all due respect it is common for you to spend your days with your king during the first two weeks of your marriage. In addition, you do not know the north and you will need a guide "

Kaida turned "with all due respect to the councilor I know what I am doing, I will return within a week" without leaving for a answer she left the throne room.


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