Can a dragon love a fox
60 Chapter 59
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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60 Chapter 59

Depart before sunset? And within a week? It was well into the afternoon, before they had packed everything and would be ready to leave, it would be evening.

On horseback it is a half-day drive to the northwest tribe and an extra day to the village. How does she intend to solve the problem within a week?

Huli gestured with his hands that the councilors must be silent "You have heard what my queen has said and that is it. In a week and a half it will be the annual fox festival. I am counting on you that this task is far too difficult for you "he got up and left the throne room


Kaida walked irritated through the corridors of the palace. I miss the South! "I am sorry that I made the decision without your advice. I have not thought that this will be the first time that both you and kyro will be away from your children for so long "

Rei laughed "don't worry, they'll manage. I Think they will be happy that they have a rest from their combat training. I will now say goodbye to you to inform Kyro and the rest "

"Thank you Rei, I'll see you at the gate in two and a half hours. Only take the essentials with you. Food is not necessary as we go through forests, we can hunt. Let Kayra look at the maps of the North and decide how much water we need to take to maintain it long enough until we can replenish it " 

Kaida said goodbye to Rei and entered her room. She took out her combat uniform from her closet and looked at it. It has been a long time since she had worn it. The last time had been during the war. She thought back of the war and was glad it was over.

Just when she finished dressing, the door opened. Kaida turned around and said irritably "who is so cheeky to come in without permission"

Huli laughed amusedly. "It is also my room why should I ask for permission to enter my queen? Is this what you will wear before you leave "

He looked at her from head to toe. It was visible that she was wearing a combat uniform. It was clearly a combat uniform made for combat and not just for the eye. She was dressed in armor with gold and red. At the back of her armor, the red formed a dragon.


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