Can a dragon love a fox
61 chapter 60
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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61 chapter 60

You could see that the armor was made especially for her. She was wearing a combat dress under her armor. She had put her hair in a tight ponytail. She looked beautiful and powerful.

Kaida looked at Huli and wondered why he was looking at her like that without saying a word. Because she didn't know what to do, she turned around and continued tying the buttons on the back.

Huli walked over to her "let me"

He looked at her hair, in the sunlight it seemed just like fire "they say that the people of the dragon tribe are kissed by fire and do not burn"

Kaida laughed "all burn, it only takes longer with the people of the dragon tribe. we must be able to withstand the fire a dragon remains a dragon. Especially when they are sick or have laid eggs they tend to spit fire widly "

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He looked at her smile and found her getting more beautiful by the minute "for the annual fox festival, my mother wondered if you were willing to do the dragon dance. She has heard of it and would like to see it "

She turned her head to him and looked at him. why does my armor and combat dress feel looser than it used to be? She waved her thoughts away and took a ruby from her necklace

"give this to my sister Kyona and she will prepare for the dragon dance .." she stopped talking when she felt Huli's fingers go over her bare back.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear "how long before you leave"

She felt that she was embarrassed and felt a tickle in her stomach. To hide it, she said casually "I am leaving in two hours, so I don't have time for this. Do you know how long I took to put on my combat uniform? "

He gave her a grinn and let her combat uniform slip off her "don't worry you will be on time. Just as I helped you to undress you, I will help you get dressed again "


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