Can a dragon love a fox
62 chapter 61
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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62 chapter 61


Kyro, Koto, Kaën, Kayra and Rei were waiting for Kaida at the gate. Where did she go? The two and a half hours was not over yet, but usually Kaida was the first to reach the agreed place. And now she will be the last to arrive?

They heard that someone was coming in the distance. When they looked up they saw three people coming towards them on horseback. When they got closer they saw that it was Huli, Kaida and the first general of the fox army.

Kaida was the first to stop "I apologize for being so late"

Rei and Kayra looked at each other and began to laugh mysteriously. Kayra stepped forward "no problem niece! It is that my husband has not arrived yet, otherwise I would probably be later too. We are not all as blessed as Rei "

Kaida felt that she was blushing and looked at Kyra with a sharp look  "I am counting on you to have done your task"

Huli looked at them and wondered if they could do the task. The only ones who had a name were Kyro and Kaën because they had also fought in the south during the war. And where are their luggage?

He walked forward and greeted everyone "greetings is this all you will take with you? Do you have enough water and food? Do you know which route to take? My first general will gladly accompany you during your journey "

Kyro stepped forward and formally spoke "that is not necessary your highness, Kayra has looked at the maps and has stored all possible routes and safe places in her mind. In addition, food is a unnecessary extra luggage, we can hunt for our food. "

Huli nodded and turned to Kaida "I'll see you in a week, I'll greet you at the gates my queen" @@


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