Can a dragon love a fox
63 Chapter 62
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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63 Chapter 62

Kaida smiled "Than I'll see you at the gates in a week my king" then she drove away followed by Rei and her four generals.

"She really left before sunset and well before" he laughed and got on his horse and drove back to the palace with his first general.

Kaida drove next to Kayra "Is it possible to reach the village at the next sunrise?"

Kayra laughed with a glint in her eyes " I have not studied the maps for nothing. There are several roads that we can take, but there is only one that we can take at night"

"That is fine lead us the way, we try to be as fast as possible. If we pass the northwest tribe before dawn, we will arrive in the Village before noon. Let  me remind you all to be carefull , this is not the forest of the dragon tribe"


Just before noon the following day, they had arrived in the village. The village looked deserted and discarded. This village looked very different from the luxury houses that they had seen. The houses looked worn out and were in need of repair. It was clear that the fields were looted and in poor condition.

Kaida gestured at Koto. when he was standing next to her she spoke to him "send a message to your army let them send the 100 formidable warriors. The fields are in need of care because your army is skilled in farming they could come in handy"

Then she turned to Kaën "send a message to your army and let them send 150 formidable warriors. The houses need to be repaired and safe against burglary. Because your army is skilled in building, they will come in handy. I will give you three days to get them here, same goes for you Koto "

They nodded and got on their horse, on their way to their army. Because they were closer to the border of the South, three days were more then enough for them..

Kaida, Kayra,  Rei en Kyro looked around the village and there was no soul to be seen in the streets. They walked to the first inn they saw and walked in. In the inn it was dim and the only light they saw came from the sunlight and some candles that burned.  The people in the inn became dead silent when they saw them and were looking at them with a suspicious look.

Kaida walked to the bar and spoke to the man behind the bar "greetings there is a romour going arround that your village is being plagued by bandits. I was sent by your king as reinforcement, would you inform me about the current situation?"

The people in the inn left without saying something. The man looked suspiciously at her and said  sarcastic "reinforcement? What reinforcement? I don't see any foxes or an army. I only see four children standing before me! How can you help us? In addition to that, it is unheard of that reinforcemant could arrive so quickly, who says that you have no ulterior motives! "

Kaida did not blame him, who knows what the people in the village had experienced. She wanted to take off her hood, but Kyro signaled that she shouldn't do that. She lowerd her hand and sat down "if you would be so kind  to serve me and my traveling companion"


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