Can a dragon love a fox
64 Chapter 63
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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64 Chapter 63

"Little girl it is better that you leave before sunset, and I advise you to sit somewhere else if you do not want any problems. This table is reserved." The bartender looked with fear at the doors

"Oh?" Kaida's eyebrow went up  "There is no soul to be seen in the street, but you still mange to have a table reserved? I am fine with sitting on this table and I do not intend to get up. I am waiting for someone who dares to move me. Now again if you would be so kind  to serve us "

"I beg you, ma'am, I don't want any problems. Please leave my inn and the village now before ... "the man was interrupted by the clock that struck. He looked at the door with tears of fear

The doors of the inn were roughly opend and four men entered. Each of the men was armed with a sword. The man in the middle looked around the inn and rested his eyes on Kaida who was sitting at a table.

The man walked to the table and looked at Kaida from head to toe. The other three men followed him and stood next to him. "Move" the man said, putting his hand on his sword.

Stuttering, the bartender began to talk, "Gggentlemen, it's jjjust aaaa lllittle girl aaand she's not from here. She'll move if you ..."

Kaida looked into the eyes of the man  in front of her, and interrupted the bartender "I am fine sitting on this table and have no intention of moving. Again I am waiting for someone who has the guts to move me"

The bartender collapsed in despair. Please do not let them destroy my inn, I have a family to feed.

The three men looked at  Kayra, Kyro and Rei who stood next to Kaida and stood alert. The man grinned and looked at Kaida. She sat quietly in her chair and had no signs of fear or uneasiness. She just looked at him with a confident and calm look. He grabbed his sword and wanted to attack Kaida.

In a few seconds, Kaida got up and pressed her hand on the man's hand, pushing his sword back into his belt. With a powerfull force She kicked him against his shins, making him fall through his legs. As he bent over, she grabbed his head and hit it hard against the table. The force with which his head hit the table made him unconscious.

Kaida looked up and saw that Rei Kyro and Kayra had overpowered the three men. The smallest of the men shouted furiously "wait until our boss hears this! Then our entire group comes to teach you a lesson! "

Kaida walked over to him, she squatted down and looked at him with a cold look  "who are we to make him wait." It is your honor to send him the message. I'm looking forward to meeting your boss. I'll wait here"

He looked at her in shock. The way she had looked at him had given him shivers all over his body. His hair went up when he heard the tone of her voice. He looked at his allies and back to Kaida. Then he hesitantly got up and walked to the door. With every step he was closer to the door, his steps speeded up.

"I'm coming back, wait for me, brothers," he ran out the doors.


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