Can a dragon love a fox
65 Chapter 64
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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65 Chapter 64

The bartender looked open-mouthed at the three men and strangers at his inn. Would they really be the reinforcement? He looked at Kaida and saw that her hood had slipped off. He uttered a cry of surprise. That color hair? And those color eyes! Oh my god don't tell me that I have offended the queen.

"Hello Hello! Did you hear what I asked for? Kaida waved her hands in front of the bartender's face. Where is he with his thoughts? I want to handle this as quickly as possible.

The bartender walked from behind the bar and made a bow "my highness sorry for my rudeness earlier. Everyone in the village has been tense since ..

Kaida waved her hands and interrupted him "get up, leave the formalities behind, its long overdue. Do you or do you not have a room that we can use to hear out the prisoners? Preferably one that is soundproof. And what is your name "

"My name is Daisuke your highness and you can use the basement to lock them in and hear them out. Do you need anything else? "Daisuke pointed out where the basement was

Kaida turned to Kyro "you know what to do. Do what you have to do but make sure at least one remains alive" Kyro nodded and lifted two men and walked towards the basement. Rei grabbed the last man and pulled him by the legs toward the basement.

Then she turned to Daisuke again and smiled, "I still woukd like to  be served, the long journey left me hungry. And if you want to be so kind to tell me everything I want to know, before we get visitors again "

Within an hour, Daisuke told in tears what had happened to the village. The leader of the bandits was a war veteran and grew up in the village. after the war there was nothing diffrent about him, but since he had been in contact with a stranger his behavior began to change. Daisuke did not know who the stranger was. When the leader spoke about him, he was only talking about a wise man.

"He suddenly started complaining about everything. According to him, the taxes were too high and the king had forgotten our village. Yes our houses are due for a makeover and we have had better days but I believe the king did not leave us. Eiko is  just not thinking clearly, as if he's brainwashed! "

Kaida listened carefully. She gestured to Rei, "tell Kyro not to be too hard on the men. They are also villagers. I feel that there is more to this. Let him make sure that all three live "

Then she turned to kayra " You wait for Koto and Käen to come back and accompanying them to the inn if they arrive."

Another hour passed, but no one came to stir up trouble at the inn. Kaida heard from the sounds outside that there were people outside. They were busy taking their place in their formation. Because of Daisuke, she knew it was only about ten bandits including Eiko.


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