Can a dragon love a fox
66 Chapter 65
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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66 Chapter 65

"Do you have a room where we can stay the night? It looks like today only the waters are being tested. We will only show our strength tomorrow "

Daisuke looked up in surprise. Will she be able to close one eye tonight, knowing that they are being watched? If I can remember clearly, it is said that the crown princess of the dragon tribe cannot fight. But based on what I have seen with my own eyes it appears to have only been a romour.

"If you will excuse me I will now prepare the three rooms for you"

Kaida nodded "I will really appreciate that, but only two rooms are needed"

Kyro came out of the basement. His face was tight and he looked irritated.

Rei approached him and put her arms around his waist. "What made my husband so moody?" You haven't been too hard on them, have you? "

Kyro looked at Rei and clicked with his tongue. "That's why I am in such a mood. But don't worry, I always only do what my job is. And I finished that. I Did not need much time for that since only one was a warrior. The other two spoke immediately when I put a bucket of cold water on them "

Kaida turned to Kyro "tell me I'm curious what did you find out"

"First of all, the villagers who are missing are safe. The leader sent them to an abandoned barrack. According to a wise man the village would no longer be safe and according to him the king had abandoned his people in the village, because the crown princess of the dragon tribe only loves luxury. That is why tax prices had also gone up. The bandit managed to persuade three warriors and six villagers to follow him. To ensure that no money was earned over the backs of the villagers, they plundered the harvest and stored it safely in a shelter "

Kaide shrugged. I like luxury? who made these things up! "Hmm what nonsense! But there is still hope to avoid a fight. He does this in the interest of the village. Let's get a good night's sleep, I feel that tomorrow will be an interesting day "


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