Can a dragon love a fox
69 Chapter 68
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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69 Chapter 68

Kaida left her room and went down the stairs from the inn. Daisuke stood behind the bar and was cleaning cups. Kyro and Rei sat comfortably together at the table.

Kaida cleared her throat "good morning, how happy you are for a fight"

Rei laughed "I am not afraid of a fight, but I suspect that you have something else in mind. "

Kaida sat down and nodded "that's right, it is clear that Eiko does this in the interest of the village. I would like to negotiate first to see if we can resolve this in a peaceful manner "

Kyro thought "how do you intend to get him so far that he is willing to talk"

She smiled and turned to Daisuke "as I walked through the halls of the inn, I saw that you were in possession of a spear and an arrow and bow. Can I borrow it? "

All three looked at her in surprise. Why did she need those items? "Your highness it is my honor to give them to you"

She laughed and waved her hands. "Daisuke, it's only necessary to borrow it. I believe that Eiko is willing to talk when the lives of his men are in danger. In addition to that he does not know how the true nature of the  crown princess of the dragon tribe If I show him  that the rumour about me is not true, it might stimulate his interest in knowing the truth "

Rei who normally devised the strategy thought about Kaida's plan. It can work, but a plan B was also needed. "It's a good plan, but it can also be counterproductive. If you injure his men with your own hands he may think that the gossip is still mild and the crown princess of the dragon tribe sees the people of the fox tribe as nothing "

Kaida thought. That is indeed a possibility but she was convinced that Eiko will do everything to keep his men safe. "I am prepared to take the risk, I think that Eiko thinks primarily in the interests of the village and its comrades. I leave plan B to you. I hear from the sounds outside that they are getting ready to take action. Let me be ahead of them "

Daisuke then walked over to her and gave her the bow and arrow. She put the bow behind her back and pushed the arrow into her belt. She grabbed the spear with her left arm and went to the door.

Daisuke looked at her full of wonder. She was wearing her combat uniform because of the gold of her armor, it was clear to see that it was a combat uniform worn by someone of a higher rank. The red that formed a dragon at the back of her armor clearly showed that she belonged to the dragon tribe.

She opened the doors of the inn and went outside. There was still no soul to be seen on the streets. The only difference now was that the bandits were hiding in strategic places.


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