Can a dragon love a fox
70 Chapter 69
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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70 Chapter 69

She stepped forward so that she was clearly visible to everyone and spoke loudly "I am Kaida of the dragon tribe, because of my marriage to your crown prince of the foxes tribe I am now your queen. I wish to talk to your leader so that we can discuss this without bloodshed. Your leader gets to the count of five to show up. If he does not do this, I will take down one of you until he shows or only he is left."

Eiko looked at her from a distance. Was this the crown princess of the dragon tribe? She did not come across as how the rumours describes her. The only luxury she has was her armor and that only showed that she has had big victories on the battlefield. In addition to that she had came out without reinforcement and wishes to negotiate. But if he is not willing to do that, will she kill everyone?

He was in conflict and did not know what to do. He was taken out of his mind when he heard she was at the count of five. tensted he looked at her  and was awaiting what she was going to do. He held his breath when he saw that she was standing in a fighting position.

Kaida sighed when she had counted to five, hoping that Eiko would show up immediately. Because of how the men were placed, she knew the position the warriors had taken. She intended to bring down only the warriors among the bandits. On the contrary to the villagers they were trained in martial arts, so they could take a beating.

She put her right leg forward and her left leg behind. With her left arm, she grasped the spear tightly and moved it backwards beside her ear. With a quick movement, she launched the spear.

The spear flew at a high speed towards a bandit hiding on a roof opposite the inn. Because the spear came at him with great speed, he had no time to dodge it. The spear hit him in the shoulder and the bandit fell off the roof. He uttered a cry of pain as he landed on the floor with a loud bang.

Eiko looked with surprise at what happened. How did she know where to aim the spear? And had it been a coincidence that she had hit a warrior? His suspicion was confirmed by her precision and her combat attitude. She was certainly not a weakling and was skilled in martial arts.

He saw that she took the bow off her back and removed the arrow from her belt. She put the arrow between the bow and tightened the bow. He looked at the direction in which she was pointing the arrow. It was again aimed at a bandit hiding under the porch of a store. How did she know where everyone was hiding? Was it a coincidence that it was a warrior again? He looked from her to the porch and then to the bandit who laid on the floor in pain.

" Eiko three of your comrades have been captured by me. I assume that the person I released has told you what happened. In addition to that, a comrade of yours has been punctured with a spear and his wound needs to be treated. Do you want to take the risk of injuring all your men? The choice is yours. 1..2..3..4..fiv .. "


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