Can a dragon love a fox
71 Chapter 70
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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71 Chapter 70

Kaida just wanted to pronounce the five when Eiko came out and walked over to her. When he stood opposite her, he started talking. "Stop! I am willing to talk, I will now withdraw my men "he made a gesture with his hand and all men left their hiding place.

The men stood behind eiko and looked at Kaida. She was very different from how the rumours had described her. Instead of a good quality dress or valuable jewelry, she was dressed in a combat uniform and only wore a ruby necklace. In addition to that , she radiated authority and strength and no weakness or arrogance.

She lowered the arrow and bow and looked at the men in front of her. She gestured to Rei to come. When Rei came to stand next to her, she whispered something in her ear.

Rei walked past the men towards the injured man. Eiko looked at her tensed and wanted to know what they were up to. The men around him became restless when Rei passed them by, because they did not know what to expect.

"I have surrendered to you, your queen it is not necessary to .. "

Kaida walked towards them with a warm smile and interrupted Eiko "no worries she will only take care of his wound. Such a wound will heal within a short time. I have not hit any vital points. If you will to be so kind to follow me inside? Then we will talk " she turned arround and walked back into the inn.

The men looked at Kaida in surprise, the mighty radiance that she first radiated had changed to a warm radiance, which gave them a warmth in their hearts. She no longer looked as frightening as when she had launched the spear and held the bow and arrow. Eiko looked at his men and nodded. As he entered the inn, they followed him inside.

When they walked into the inn, the smell of freshly baked bread met them. They saw that the tables were set with different types of food and drinks. The three men who were captured were sitting at a table with Kyro and did not look injured. Kyro and the warrior were busy talking and it was clear that they wanted to convince each other who was right.

When the warrior saw Eiko, he stood up happily and walked over to him. "Boss you're here! Take a seat You don't have to worry about us. The big boy there first gave us the fright of our lives during the interrogation. But he didn't harm us. In addition to that, they have given us a place to sleep and they have provided food for everyone! "

Eiko looked at the warrior. It was clear to see that he was in good condition. He was also in a cheerful mood, the same was seen with the other two men. It didn't look like they were prisoners. Had it just been a bluff of hers?

"It is good to see that you are in good condition and that nothing is wrong" He nodded to Kyro and walked to the table where Kaida was sitting. When he sat down he saw that the wounded warrior, supported by Rei, came in. She helped him in a chair and gave him a plate of food.


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