Can a dragon love a fox
72 Chapter 71
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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72 Chapter 71

Eiko looked at Kaida who did not feel threatened even though she was in the minority. She had ensured that everyone could rest and eat their stomachs full. He was skeptical, but because she had treated his men with respect, he was willing to listen to her.

Kaida was the first to interrupt the silence "you are not going to eat? there is enough. Or do you want to negotiate first? I don't mind either way "

He looked at her but nothing about her showed her meaning. She was so calm  "your queen you are different from what the stories say. I am yet to know if that is a good or bad thing. Before I eat or trade at all I have a question for you "

Kaida looked at him "ask your question"

"Why did you only start the attack today and did you not attack us at night? And why have you treated my men so well?"

Kaida laughed "those are two questions my good lord. To answer the first one I don't know the village I will be at a disadvantage if I had started the attack unthinkingly. Plus I didn't want unnecessary bloodshed. With that I actually answer the second question immediately. There was no need to treat them badly. In addition to that, Daisuke has given me the necessary information. It is clear that you think of the villagers and the village. "

Eiko looked at her and nodded "you have my thanks and yes I think in the interest of the village and the villagers. Something that the king needs to do!" he angrily slapped his hand on the table

"Your anger is understandable, let's make a deal. Within a month I ensure that the houses are repaired and refurbished. In the same month I ensure that the fields are healthy again and are ready to be sown and the village can be assured of a harvest "

Eiko looked at her with admiration. How is it that she is so confident about her word? "With all due respect your queen but as you can see the north has a lack of trees. Where will you find the wood to repair all the buildings in the village and to fix it? In addition to that, the fields are so destroyed that it will certainly take fifty people to rebuild them. It takes allot of effort to provide the fields with water since it is a long walk to go back and forth from the fields to the lake "

Kaida shrugged "as you know the south has no shortage of trees. We can easily miss a few. "

"And what about the fields then? "

Kaida laughed "if only fifty people are needed, can you imagine how much work we could do with a hundred people?"

He thought. He was not convinced that she could follow her words. Why should I believe her? They said there will be reinforcement but only the queen and two others had come. So the situation in the village was not that important to the king!

Kaida saw that Eiko was deep in thought and was doubting "you know what we do. I propose to wait till tomorrow. Do you believe me when I say that tomorrow an hour after the clock struck at noon,  hundred and fifty warriors  will come to repair the village and one hundred warriors to work on the fields? Let's make a bet. If I am wrong I will give in to your demands and if I am right you will give in to mine demands "

Eiko looked at her and was aware of her and because of her strong attitude, he did not know what to do. With this bet he could see how decisively she stood behind her words. He had nothing to lose


Kaida happily clapped in her hands "thats good, now eat! It is all to good to throw  away! "


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