Can a dragon love a fox
73 Chapter 72
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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73 Chapter 72

Nana walked with Haya to the gates of the fox tribe. A light brown fox with seven tails stood in front of the gate.

Nana turned to Haya "don't worry aunt  At the speed of my fox I will be back in the Northeast Fox Tribe within a day. I will tell my father in detail what happened here. The next time I see you will be at the annual fox festival "

Haya gave her a hug "thank you my child, I still can't understand that the marriage went through, against my wishes. It has been three days since the barbarian left and still there isn't message from her yet. It was a smart move from you to advice that she would take on the task. Because of her  failure they will come to realize that it was a mistake to marry her to my beloved son "

Nana climbed on the back of her fox "it's a shame I can't see the faces of councilors and Huli when the pass. I will See you aunt "

Haya watched Nana leave on her fox. When she was out of sight, she turned and walked back to the palace. She noted that Kyona was walking around on the site where the annual fox festival was held. She quickly approached her.

" what are you doing here? Who has authorized you to set foot in this area? Do you not see that preparations have already been made? "

Kyona looked up and gave her a dirty look "they say that wisdom comes with age. I see they are mistaken, yours seems to be diminishing with the years. Was it not you who wanted to see the dragon dance?

Haya was furious. She was exactly like her oldest sister! Was everyone in the dragon tribe so direct? She restrained her anger knowing that she needed Kyona to help to embarrase Kaida.

"Hmm yes I would like to see the dragon dance. If you want to excuse me now, I won't bother you "

Kyona watched Haya walk away with raised eyebrow. Did she need to send her father a message about this? How dare they treat the crown princess of the dragon tribe like this? She thought about it but decided not to send a message. Kaida knew how to handle this.

She was taken out of her mind by two children who came running towards her. "Auntie" they shouted in unison. It was Kenji and Kimi who came to greet her. Since Kyro and Rei both went with Kaida, they stayed with her.

Hello my nephew and niece, what brings you here? Were you not playing with Hu and his fox?

Kenji's eyes widened when he heard the word fox "Aunt the fox was so big and so soft! Will my dragon also b so soft?

Kyona laughed "well the scales of a dragon aren't exactly soft darling. But they are warm! "

Kimi looked at her aunt "do we also get a dragon aunt? The dragons weren't there when we were born? How do we get one for ourselves? "

She stroked Kimi over her hair "don't worry for every child born in the time they were not here, there are dragon eggs. If you know to hatched you egg and make a connection with your dragon it will be fine!"


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