Can a dragon love a fox
74 Chapter 73
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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74 Chapter 73

When Kyona hugged them, Kimi eyes fell on the ruby on her neck "aunt how beautiful it glows and how warm it is!" Before kyona could stop her she grabbed the ruby. Kimi lost consciousness and her body began to give off an incredible heat.

Kimi looked around and saw that seeing was no longer in the fox tibe. It looked like she was in a big space in a cave. She saw several dragons that were larger than the largest trees she had seen in the forests of the dragon tribe. There was a dragon in the cave that seemed larger than others and was guarding something.

She looked up and walked toward the dragon. The dragons had noticed her presence and followed her movements. Because they did not know her, they were wary of her. As she walked past a dragon, he roared at her and opened his mouth to spit fire.

Kimi was suddenly surrounded by two dragons. The black dragon lay down around her and guarded kimi with her wings. The dark red dragon focused on the dragon and Roared loudly. The dragon closed his mouth and lay down quickly.

Kimi looked at the dragons. the black dragon was smaller than the dark red dragon. They reminded her of her mother and father. The black dragon pushed her head against Kimi's back, as if she wanted to make it clear that she had to sit on her back. Kimi climbed on the back of the black dragon.

The black and dark red walked together to a wall of the cave. Kimi slipped off the dragon and looked at them. The dragons stroked Kimi's head and sniffed her scent. They didn't seem dangerous to her.

When kimi looked beside her, she saw three dragon eggs. She walked to them and looked at them. They were so beautiful! She was drawn to the middle egg. She turned to the dragons

"can I? "

The dark red dragon pushed its nose against her back as a sign that she could hold the dragon egg. Kimi took the egg and felt a warmth coming from the egg. She felt intensely happy with the egg in her arms and didn't want to let it go. She didn't know how long she was in the cave when she suddenly felt she was getting tired. How does she go back?

Kimi looked around the cave but she saw no clear exit. She walked towards the black dragon with the dragon egg and lay down against her. The warmth of the dragon reminded her so much of her mother. She had fallen asleep before she knew it.

When Kimi woke up she was lying in her bed in the fox tribe. Kyona was beside her. when she felt movement she opened her eyes. she hugged Kimi tightly "oh dear, you are fine! You were unconscious for so long! How was it in the cave do you have pain somewhere? "

Kimi looked at her and laughed "Auntie I played so well with two dragons! They were just like mom and dad! And I have a dragon egg, just look" she raised her hands to show the dragon egg. But was disappointed when her hands were empty.

"U needn't be sad little one you will hold your dragon egg again. I'm glad you're okay. Those were probably the dragons of Kyro and Rei. Get up now because it's already a new day! "


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