Can a dragon love a fox
75 Chapter 74
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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75 Chapter 74

It was very quiet in the inn. So quiet that it was able to hear a needle fall. In the morning the inn had been lively, but as the hours passed the atmosphere became more tense. The afternoon had almost arrived and Eiko had not yet seen any sign of warriors.

The silence was interrupted by the clock ringing. The afternoon had arrived and only an hour remained. The men became restless while Kaida, Kyro and Rei sat quietly and calmly at the table.

Fifteen minutes passed when the doors suddenly opened. Kayra walked into the inn with Koto and Käen. Kayra looked around the inn "so it's more lively than when i was here last"

Kaida stood up and looked at Eiko "shall we? "She walked over to them and gave them a warm smile" good that you are there, i am happy to see you "

Kaën stepped forward "niece when I left, I noticed that there are not many trees, so we made preparations. I brought wood in abundance to get started. That is why it took a little longer until we got there. I have already put my men to work. "

Koto also stepped forward "I inspected the fields before I left. The problem is that the fields lack moisture and are not treated with good manure. I have taken everything I need with you. In addition to that, I also brought different types of seeds with me, which will also grow well in the north. I have instructed my men to first build a road that guides the water from the lake to the fields"

Eiko listened to them in surprise. So it was true what she said. The king had not forgotten the village! When they walked outside, he saw that there were several warriors at work in the village and the fields.

"Thank you your highness for your kindness"

Kaida laughed "you don't have to thank me it's my job. Do we have a deal?

Eiko laughed and nodded "we have a deal. I will wait a month for the result of your effort "

"The harvest will only have to wait until it is time to harvest. Koto and Käen will stay here to oversee the work. But to switch to urgent matters now I would like to know more about the wise man you met "

Eiko scratched his head "it sounds strange but with the day I start to remember less and less about that man… I know that he knew exactly what to say to get me to rebel. When I wanted to ask him for more advice, he suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth "

Hmm Kaida thought of the words of Eiko. there is more to this than is visible to the eye. She first wanted to stay longer in the village, but now it seemed better to inform Okata of what she found out


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