Can a dragon love a fox
76 Chapter 75
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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76 Chapter 75

Kaida and her generals arrived in the evening at the Northwest Fox Tribe. At the gate, Okata greeted them

"your highness are you sure you don't want to spend the night here? It is still a long way back to the palace "

"Don't worry we also made the trip to the village in the dark, and besides that I have a lot to do for the dragon ceremony. There is no time to lose "

While Kayra and Kyro were packing up their supplies, Kaida told everything that had happened in the recent days. She suggested that Okata instructed a few men to keep an eye on the village, in case the mysterious man would contact Eiko again.

Okata looked at Kaida and smiled: "I am surprised that you completed the task so quickly, you did it within three days. The stories about you in the south do you no good. You are the perfect match for my nephew. I look forward to the annual fox festival!"

"Uncle you flatter me, I have only done what is expected of me. In addition to that , I do not like to take longer than necessary. The next time I see you is during the annual fox festival. I wish you a good night "

Okata nodded "I wish you a safe journey. I will send a message of your victory to the palace "

Kaida turned and waved her hand "that is not necessary uncle, I have not sent a single message since I left. Tomorrow I will arrive and I will inform the councilors myself"

Okata nodded and walked towards his horse "be safe"

Together with Rei, Kaida went back to Kayra and Kyro, who had just finished packing supplies. She turned to Kayra and said "is it possible to be back before dawn? "

"That's no problem, the horses certainly need half an hour of rest if they want to continue riding through the night. I propose to eat first and also get some rest "

Kaida's eyes began to sparkle "let's have a competition! Whoever caught the largest or the most prey wins. The losers will prepare the food "

Kyro started to smile and stretched "it was about time! Rei my wife, do you still remember how to hunt? I have noticed that you have become a little bit rusty since the birth of our children "

"Don't make me laugh you still can't beat me, our children are our witnesses!" Rei looked at him with a provocative look and grasped her sword.

Kayra sighed and grabbed her spear "it is therefore decided, it will be a competition! I propose that it should not take longer than 15 minutes due to our time frame "

Kaida laughed and grabbed her swords "that's all the time I need! Let's start! "

When fifteen minutes passed, all four of them sat in the grass and were staring disappointedly in front of them.

I refuse to believe this, is this all there is to hunt? Where are the towering bears like in the south? Kyro couldn't believe this was all?

Rei looked at the birds she had caught. Where were the big birds like in the south?

Kaida raised a rabbit and shook her head. Where was the thrill of hunting? Catching the rabbits was not even a difficult task!

Kayra looked at the fish she had caught with her spear. She has never seen such small fish! I miss the south!


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