Can a dragon love a fox
77 Chapter 76
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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77 Chapter 76

They looked at each other and burst out laughing. Kaida was the first to say something "well it's safe to say that this didn't go as expected, let's all prepare the food"

"Oh this I almost forgot" kayra went to her horse and took a sealed letter from a bag "I had to give this to you. Your father asked kaën to give you this letter." She walked to Kaida and gave her the letter.

Kaida looked at the letter. The letter was sealed with the royal stamp of the dragon tribe. It must be an important letter. She opened it quickly and read the letter. When she finished reading, her face was on a thunderstorm. In her eyes you saw that she was in conflict with her thoughts.

Rei was worried about her and walked over to her "what's does it say?" We are here for you dear , you know that "

She took a deep breath and looked at Rei "it contains good and bad news. Which do you want first? "

Kyro scratched himself behind his ear "I prefer the good first, it can't be that bad"

Kaida sat down on the grass and gestured that they had to take a seat "the good news is that a man has been arrested at the border of the south, whose description matches the mysterious man "

"That is indeed good news, which saves us the search. And the bad news? "

Kaida sighed again and looked at them "the elders have finally come to a decision about the next marriage. As you know, a treaty was signed after the war to connect all tribes with each other through a marriage. Through my marriage there is a connection with the fox tribe. Through the marriage of Kaën with the second princess of the Snake tribe there is a connection with them. Then only the wolf tribe remains. "

Kyro took a sip of his drink and thought. Only Koto and Kyona were the ones who were eligible for marriage. Koto was 18, and  the princesses of the wolf tribe had not yet reached the age of marrying. And that would take a few years. In about 6 months Kyona will be old enough to get married. In addition to that, the crown prince of the wolves tribe was still unmarried and if he was not willing, the second prince would do.

"The elders of both the dragon tribe and the wolf tribe have agreed to a marriage between the second princess of the dragon tribe and the crown prince of the wolf tribe"

Although they had already expected it was Kyona, it was difficult for them. Kyona was one of the best healers of the drakentribe besides the mother of Kyro and Koto. And the people of the dragons tribe loved her because she was soft and social. And her marriage partner would be the crown prince of the wolves tribe. He was known as a real skirt hunter and not exactly the nicest.

"Let's eat and speed up quickly. My father counts on my to bring the news. And I can not wait to see the faces of the council members when they see that we have returned within four days "


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