Can a dragon love a fox
78 Chapter 77
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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78 Chapter 77

Huli walked through the corridors of the palace, stopping in front of a window and looking out. the night was beautiful, you could clearly see the stars and full moon. Would she also be looking at the stars at this moment?

"Brother where are your thoughts? Are you on your way to the gate again?  It's only been  four days that the queen has left. I think she will be back in two days "

Huli looked annoyed at Hú and walked on "if I were you I would be worried about the elders. As you know, you are the next in line who is old enough to get married! "

Hu winced "please brother don't talk about that! Everyone knows that it will be a princess of the Snake tribe. But luck is with me! The third princess of the Serpentine tribe will only reach the age of getting married in the middle of next year! "

Together they walked to the northern garden of the palace. The northern garden was the garden where the foxes of the royal family resided. The garden was the largest of them all. In the garden was everything the foxes needed.

Huli walked over to his fox and stroked her fur. His fox lay down so that Huli could easily climb on her. When the fox stood up, Huli looked at Hu with raised eyebrow. "Why are you sitting on your fox too? "

"Why are you so cold brother? May I not accompany you to the gates? If she won't arrive this night you would be lonely there all alone "

Huli looked at him and gestured to his fox that she could leave "as long as you can keep up with me brother"

Haya looked out the window and saw her two sons leave the garden on their fox. Since Kaida left, Huli always went to the gates at night. she wondered why he took the trouble, the fact that there has been no message from her since she left says enough!

Huli and Hu quickly arrived at the gates due to the speed of their foxes. They climbed from the foxes and stared in front of them. Beyond the gates there was only a large area of grass and a few kilometers further the forest began.

"Brother why do you go to the gates every night ? Don't you think it's a bad sign that there hasn't been any message from her since she left? "

Huli looked into the distance with a smile on her face: "She left before sunset, which is why I feel that she is returning at night or at sunrise. Something tells me she would accomplish the task effortlessly "

Hu shrugged and also looked into the distance "brother why we don't spar around to pass the time. It has been a long time since we have spared I wonder if you have not already become rusty "

Huli turned around and assumed a combat position "let's find out brother"

After a few hours, they lay exhausted in the grass. They had been sparing all night. Hu looked with joy at his big brother who was lying next to him, with a big smile on his face. Since the war there were rarely moments when his brother had such a facial expression. The war had changed and made him cold. He missed the carefree brother he had before the war.

"You have indeed not become  rusty my brother. Someday I will win a competition! "


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