Can a dragon love a fox
79 Chapter 78
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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79 Chapter 78

Huli looked at the sky and saw it was almost time for the sunrise. His broad smile disappeared from his face. He stood up and walked to his fox. "It is high time we returned. The sun is almost rising "

Hu stood up and looked at the back of his big brother and sighed. How can his state of mind change so quickly! He tipped off his clothes and looked again at the forest just as he wanted to turn around, he thought he saw movement.

"Brother wait, I."

Huli interrupted him and said strictly "little brother we don't have time to spar again, if we go now we don't have to deal with our mother"

Hu looked irritated at him. Why doesn't he let me talk! He could now clearly see that three horsemen were riding in the distance. He looked at Huli, who was already sitting on his fox and wanted to drive away. He put his fingers in his mouth and whistled. When his fox heard this, he quickly got up and stood in front of Huli's fox

"Little brother you are testing my patience!" Huli looked back angry. He saw that Hu was pointing at something with his finger. When he looked that way he saw three horsemen coming towards the gates. He slipped from his fox and stood next to Hu.

Hu gave him a naughty smile "what did you wanted to say, brother? "

Huli sighed and said nothing. His eyes were on the three horsemen who were riding. He immediately recognized Kaida by the color of her hair. When they were closer, he saw that she was accompanied by Rei and Kyro. Where are the other three that were with her?

When Kaida rode out of the forest with Rei and Kyro, two foxes stood in the distance. She knew that the light gray fox with six tails was Hu's fox. But they did not know the white fox with nine tails. She looked astonished at the fox that was visibly larger than Hu's. The fox had a powerful appearance and reminded her of Huli. It wouldn't be him right?

When they got closer she saw two men standing in front of the foxes. Hu waved cheerfully at them while Huli, looked straight ahead with his arms folded,m. They stopped just before them. Although Huli looked straight ahead, the wind through his hair made him look playful and very attractive.

"My queen as i have promised, I am here to greet you at the gates. I am counting on you to have successfully completed your task "he looked at her with a small smile on his face.

Why is he so attractive, she thought. Although he only showed a small smile, he looked intense at her with his beautiful blue eyes. She climbed off her horse and walked over to him "my king it is my pleasure to inform you that I have successfully completed the task"

Huli looked at her from head to toe. She had no injuries and her combat uniform was still clean. He ran his hand over her face and put the hair that hung over her face behind her ears. He saw that she was looking questioningly at him and that her cheeks were slightly red. He quickly pulled back his hand and wondered why he had done that.

"Little brother tell the councilors that I will move the council meeting to tomorrow and make my round today at the nearby village."


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