Can a dragon love a fox
80 Chapter 79
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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80 Chapter 79

Hu looked surprised at Huli "And what if they have questions about the return of the queen"

Huli took Kaida by the hand and walked towards his fox "tell them it would have to wait until tomorrow" he helped kaida on his fox and nodded to Rei and Kyro, then climbed his fox and they drove together towards the forest.

When Huli drove to the forest with Kaida, he heard a voice "Master, this is the first time you have someone other than you drive me. I can clearly feel the energy of the dragons now she is sitting on my back. I don't think it would be long before the dragons appear "

Huli looked at his fox and answered him with his thought "mm Fu it has been a long time since I heard your voice I thought you were still mad at me? We will see if the dragons appear or not. She has aroused my interest, we will see what the future brings. "

Hu remained bewildered and watched them go. Why am I now obliged to entertain the council members? I was going to sleep! I hope he is grateful to me and gives me a good reward!

Rei and Kyro watched them and then walked back to their horses. Kyro took Kaida's horse and looked at Rei. "Shall we go my dear? I long to see our children and relax. "

Rei smiled at him " it has been four long days, it is high time that we hug our children again!"


Kaida loved to feel the wind through her hair again. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the wind on her cheeks and the scent of the forest. She was shocked when Fu suddenly started to run much faster. She opened her eyes, startled, and tightened her grip around Huli's waist.

When Huli felt that her grip tightened, he smiled and held her hands. "Hold on tight Fu is the fastest fox of the fox tribe. Since you have driven on Jiro you can compare the speed "

Kaida looked at Huli and found him breathtakingly attractive with a smile on his face. "So your fox is called Fu and that of Hu is called Jiro. Fu is indeed running fast. But I am sure that Long will fly faster "

Huli looked back and looked at Kaida. She had a naughty sparkle in her eyes and looked at him teasingly as she leaned her chin on his back. Is she teasing me now?

"Fu don't hold back anything, go faster apparently she is used to it. I want to be at the village in an hour "

When Fu heard his master's thoughts, he accelerated his speed and started running faster. As she approached the end of the forest, Fu made a high jump and easily jumped across a wide river and continued her way at a faster speed.

Kaida looked with wonder at the landscape she passed. Fu was indeed much faster than Jiro! When they had been traveling for some time, they passed a small cabin in the forest. The cabin looked dull and worn out. But the fields around it looked well cared for.

Even though they went by the cabin with a flist, the hut stood out because she could clearly recognized the healing herbs that were harvested on the land. It reminded her of her aunt's garden.


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