Can a dragon love a fox
81 chapter 80
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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81 chapter 80

Kaida moved her head to Huli's ear and wanted to ask him something. because Huli felt movement behind him, he turned his head to turn to Kaida. This made their faces less than five cm apart.

Kaida looked him in his eyes. He is so close and he looking at me so intense. His eyes are so beautiful blue that they hypnotize me. Her eyes strayed to his lips. I still wonder why he has not yet taken the initiative to kiss me. How would he give me a kiss? Would it be tender and soft or rough and hard? What if it's an uncomfortable and inexperienced kiss? Would it be my fault because it would be my first kiss?

Huli was a little surprised to see Kaida's face so close. He saw that her beautiful ruby eyes had strayed further down. Is she looking at my lips? Is this a sign that she wants a kiss? Should I kiss her now? he has so many questions that he could not answer with certainty. He looked at her lips and felt the desire to know how her full lips would feel on his. I'm just going for it!

Huli put his hand on her neck and slowly came closer. He saw that Kaida was looking at him again and was slowly approaching him. When they were less than an inch apart, she closed her eyes. Then suddenly Fu stopped and Huli heard a voice in his head.

"Master we have arrived at the village"

Huli saw that Kaida had opened her eyes again and had red cheeks. Because of Fu's absurd stop, she had withdrawn and was at a distance from him. Huli spoke irritably in his thought "Fu! Are you really still mad at me, it's been five years! didn't I came back alive! How can you ruin such a good atmosphere in such a way? "

Fu began to move her body violently as if she wanted to shake them off her back. Huli jumped off Fu and helped Kaida from her back. He looked at Fu irritated. And wanted to say something. Before he could open his mouth, Fu stepped forward and lowered her head so that her head was at the same height as Huli's head.

Fu looked angry at Huli and growled "alive?" Is this what you call alive! To this day, I have never seen you smile like five years ago. You went to battle without me! We were born together and we will die together. Where my master goes I go! But no, when you needed me the most I was not there because you had left me "

Huli saw a tear running down Fu's fur. His irritation disappeared immediately. He reached out and stroked her fur. "I would never leave you without good reason. At the time, the enemy had toxic smoke which only affected the foxes. You know how many foxes have died or are no longer able to fight. Like you said we were born together. In my darkest days you were and are my light. I would always take the chance to save you. "

Kaida looked at Fu and Huli and felt she shouldn't get in between the two. It was visible that the two had friction. She wondered if the two could also communicate together. In the dragon tribe it is normal for a dragon to communicate with his master. Even though they understood each other, it is only the mother of all dragons who, in addition to their thoughts, could also hear their voice.


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