Can a dragon love a fox
82 chapter 81
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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82 chapter 81

Kaida was so busy in her thoughts that she did not realize that Huli had come closer and  spoke to her until he tapped her back

"huh I'm sorry what did you say?

Huli took her hand and pointed to the large empty surface. "at First this area was beautifully covered with the most beautiful flowers of the Fox tribe. But the decisive battlefield here sprayed the flowers with blood and every flower was destroyed. after five year only grass and no beautiful flower grow here. As if the ground still mourns our fallen comrades. "

Kaida looked at the empty surface and then at Huli again. She saw him look ahead with a sad look. In his eyes she saw an indescribable grief, as if he had lost something dear in this place. She squeezed his hand softly and gave him a warm smile with which she wanted to tell him that she was there for him.

Huli felt reassured by her, but he couldn't hide his thoughts about the decisive night.



Huli sat in his tent. He looked fierce and the atmosphere was tense. The few councilors and the warriors who attended looked tense at the crown prince.

"How many foxes have fallen and how many have been affected? "

The cold voice gave the people in the tent cold shivers through their spine . A council member took a step forward and bowed

"War commander so far known, a quarter of the foxes have been affected and a dozen foxes has fallen"

Huli slammed his fist his chair "everyone leave! "

The councilor winced and turned quickly. The rest followed his example and quickly left the tent. The whole camp was in a riot because every day a fox died or fell ill. Since the foxes were an important alliance in the war, this came at a very inconvenient time.

Huli looked worried when a tall, muscular warrior walked in. He had curly golden blond hair that reach till his shoulders. He had clear blue eyes, and radiating a friendly warmth. When Huli saw him coming in, he quickly sat up and got a smile on his face.

"My friend how is Fu? "

The warrior looked at Huli and shook his head "it is clear that she is also affected, but she is not bothered by the symptoms. But I only give her one day and she also will be in danger. It is better if she does not exert herself now and rest. This is a strong poison, the person who made this must be a genius. I think her qualities are on the same level as the mother of Kyro! "

Huli looked at him asking "who is kyro?And aren't you the best healer and herbalist of the north? You must know a way! Only you can save Fu and the other foxes. I can't lose her Tatsu! "

Tatsu looked up "I am sure that only the healer of the dragon tribe has the antidote. If we wanted to safe the foxes, we would have to take the healer prisoner. But it seems to me  that they will monitor the healer well. I feel that the healer is willing to give the antidote without a problem. And how can you forget about kyro! Kai's son, he always came to play with us with his dragon. "

Huli laughed "oh him! I wonder if he has traveled with the king of the dragon tribe, if so I would like a rematch! Then suddenly he looked seriously again and looked at Tatsu

"how are you so sure she would help us? "


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