Can a dragon love a fox
83 Chapter 82
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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83 Chapter 82

"The amount of poison she has put in the smoke is not nearly enough to attack and kill the foxes quickly. The quantity itself is even so that a healer who finds out what the poison is, could save the foxes. In addition to that, I know for sure if the person had put the necessary amount of poison in the smoke, all the fox would be dead by now "

Huli got up and walked to Tatsu "time is running out. Tonight we take just enough men to set no alarm. We will go on foot and the foxes will stay here. I'll see you in one hour at the gate of the camp"

Huli walked to the stable to see Fu. when he entered he say her sleeping. he walked towards her and rubbed Fu's nose with his hand. My most loyal friend I will ensure that nothing happens to you. When the sun comes up you would be as u were again. He turned around and wanted to walk away.

Just as he wanted to walk away, Fu opened her eyes.

"where are you going? "

Huli turned around and looked at Fu "I am going to return to my tent again. I wanted to know how you were doing "

Fu lowered his head and looked at his master "master with all due respect I grew up with you and I feel you. I know very well when you lie "

Huli looked at the floor and then looked up again with a fake smile. "Fu it is better if you take a rest for the night"

Fu saw Tatsu coming in. He was dressed in his combat uniform and was armed. She saw huli put on his armor and grabbed his weapons. Is there a battlefield today, she thought. She stood up and wanted to walk to Huli. But when she wanted to continue she felt that she was tied to a chain.

"Where do you get the nerve to put me on a chain! I will follow you where ever you go! "

Huli looked at Fu but didn't answer. He turned to Tatsu "give her the sleeping aid so she stays calm until the morning"

Huli walked away without looking back and softly said "Fu I'm sorry"

Fu stepped back when Tatsu approached her. She knew she could do nothing to him because he was her master's best friend. She struggled a lot but in the end he managed to give her an anesthetic. Fu fell down and the last thing she saw was Huli walking away with a group of warriors.


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