Can a dragon love a fox
84 chapter 83
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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84 chapter 83

Kaida and Huli walked to the entrance of the village, until Kaida suddenly remembered the little cabin she had seen in the forest. She pulled his arm and asked "who lives in that cabin? The healing herbs that are growing on the fields seem familiar to the one my aunt grows "

Huli looked at her in surprise and thought, "I really don't know. Five years ago it wasn't there yet "

Kaida wanted to continue asking questions until she heard screams. Together with Huli she looked towards the sound. In the distance, she saw a group of people surrounding a young woman.

The group of people all shouted reproaches at her and said she was not welcome and could not come again. Since she was there, there was a curse on the village and every time she came the disaster got worse. An older man picked up a stone and threw it at the woman. The stone hit her head and blood began to flow down her face.

The young woman tried to get up and grab her basket. Everything she had in her basket had fallen to the floor and with great difficulty she tried to grab everything. The woman stood up and walked with her head low away from the angry group of people

"I apologize, now I would like to retire back to the forest. I don't want to bother you or your village, it's just on my way home "

"Do you think we believe that witch!"

The older man took another stone and wanted to throw it at her again. Kaida saw that and also grabbed a stone. She threw the stone at the other stone, which changed direction and fell just before the older man. The man looked startled at kaida and huli.

Kaida angrily walked to the group of people followed by Huli "are you all daring against one? Have you no shame!"

Because kaida was wearing a hood, the group of people did not recognize her and therefore thought that an outsider had no right to speak. A fat lady walked over to her and spoke arrogantly

"little girl who do you think you are. You know nothing about this village and that witch. If i were u i would leave soon or I will not vouch for myself."

The fat woman wanted to push her away until she felt a sharp pain in her wrist. She looked at her hand and saw that someone had grabbed her hard. She followed the arm that held her and looked into angry blue eyes. When she recognized his face, all the blood in her face disappeared.

Huli threw the fat woman at the older man with a loud bang. "I see that I have become too gentle. That someone has the guts to treat my queen like this under my supervision says enough "

His voice was cold and caused the group of people to shake with fear. They quickly fell to the floor and knelt before Huli and Kaida.

The fat woman said fearfully "forgive me your highness I didn't know it was our queen! I recognize my mistake, but that girl is really a witch! She does not burn and no disease catches her or she isn't able to cure! No flower grows here anymore but everything grows on her fields"


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