Can a dragon love a fox
85 Chapter 84
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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85 Chapter 84

Huli looked at the young woman who was holding her basket tightly. She was skinny and had worn-out clothes. She had dark brown hair and light brown eyes. It was clear that she didn't had much to spend. He looked at the food and herbs on the floor that she couldn't have saved. These were probably necessities which she had put a lot of effort in to get. When huli saw the blood on her face, he couldn't control his anger.

Huli approached the older man and grabbed him by the collar "are these the values and norms my father taught his people? is this where the fox tribe stands for? you are all punished for this. I want to see if you still behave the same way if you do the same work for almost no money. Let me see if you will last six months. Now go to the village chief to register your punishment "

The group of people got up from their knees and nodded at Huli. "Thank you for your mercy your highness. We will never drag your name through the mud again "

Kaida took a handkerchief and approached the young woman. She took off her hood and wanted to clean her face. When the young woman saw that, she fell to her knees and grabbed Kaida her leg and started to cry.

"Your queen I knew you would come for me. For five year i did not give up hope. I never betrayed you even when your brother killed my family and I was driven to despair "

Kaida looked at her in surprise. Was she from the dragon tribe? And does she think I am my mother? Then she remembered what the fat woman had said. She's a witch because she's not burning, did they try to burn her then? She looked at the young woman and indeed saw that her left arm had a scar from an burn. Poor darling, what did she experienced in those five years?

Kaida helped her up "sorry but I am Kaida, and I firmly believe that my mother would have had faith in you"

The young woman looked at Kaida and started crying even harder. Now that she looked closely, she indeed saw that it was not the queen. Despite the fact that they looked alike, Kaida was slightly longer than her mother and she had more the playful appearance of her father.

"Kaida you look so much like yout mother. I no longer know if you recognized me, but I was a student of your aunt Rana, my name is Jaya. "

Kaida looked at her and cleaned her face with a handkerchief. When her face was clean, Kaida looked up in surprise. Although she had lost a lot of weight, she recognized Jaya. Her aunt had taken Jaya as a student because she had a talent for medicine.

The day before her tenth birthday was the last time Kaida had seen her. Jaya would first go to her village to pick up her parents to celebrate Kaida's 10th birthday together. However, she never showed up for days. Since her parents' bodies had been found, they assumed that she was also among the deceased people. And her little Brother that was saved in the north did not know if she was still alive.


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