Can a dragon love a fox
86 Chapter 85
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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86 Chapter 85

Huli came and stood next to them and looked at Jaya. He felt strongly that he knew her from something, but he could not remember it. He turned to her. "I'm sorry you had to experience this, if there is something we can do to help, just ask. Are you the resident of the cabin in the forest? "

Jaya looked at Huli and quickly took a step back. "Greetings Crown Prince I do indeed live in the forest, it is about time that I be on my way" She was afraid he would recognize her so she wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Kaida realized that Jaya became restless from Huli and therefore quickly wanted to leave. She wanted to know what she had been through lately and how she had survived, so she intended to go with Jaya. She looked at Huli and put a smile on her face

"Does my king need me to visit the village too? I would like to chat with Jaya "

Huli also realized that Jaya wanted to leave quickly and did not feel at ease. He didn't want her to feel even more unsafe "that is fine my queen, when I'm done I will pick you up" he nodded to Jaya and walked towards the entrance of the village "


Kaida and jaya were sitting at the table in the cabin. The cabin was small and from the outside it looked like it could collapse any time, but the inside of the cabin was well maintained. You saw how it was furnished that Jaya did not have much to spend. Only the much needed furniture was in the cabin. The flowers that were placed in the cabin provided color.

Kaida took a sip and looked at Jaya "you must have had a hard time, how did you end up here?

Jaya swallowed and looked with a intense gaze at kaida "your queen it's a long and gloomy story"



Jaya walked cheerfully through the garden of Rana looking for her Mistress, when she saw her she ran enthusiastically towards her "mistress Rana I finally succeeded! I have found the antidote to the poison that you have given me as subject material "

Rana looked up and stroked Jaya over her head "you really are a natural talent, even the most experienced healers won't discover the antidote of the gift that easily. But shouldn't you have left long ago? Aren't you going with your parents to the celebration of the crown princess her tenth birthday "

Jaya jumped up quickly and got ready to leave "Mistress Rana you are right! It is about time I left. I'll see you again soon "she turned and whistled on her fingers.

After a few minutes a dark brown dragon came flying in and landed on a lawn in the garden. Jaya walked over to the dragon and gently stroked her scales. Then she climbed on the dragon and signaled that the dragon could leave. When the dragon rose, she cheerfully waved at Rana.

Jaya and her dragon had been flying for half an hour when they were close to her village. Jaya looked ahead and saw a cloud of smoke. She checked around the area and felt that something was wrong. She gestured to her dragon that she had to land.

When the dragon landed in the forest, she looked towards her village. She saw flames and knew something was wrong. She turned to her dragon "I think it's better if you return and tell that there is a fire in our village"


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