Can a dragon love a fox
87 Chapter 86
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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87 Chapter 86

It was visible that the dragon did not want to leave because he did not want jaya to let go of to the danger alone. The dragon pushed her nose against Jaya her qqshoulder and lay down so that Jaya could climb on her back more easily.

Jaya smiled and stroked the nose of her dragon "only the two of us know that the village is on fire. You are much faster than me, so help would arrive sooner "

Her dragon got up reluctantly but listened to her assignment. Before she took off, she still looked worriedly at Jaya, and crossed her had against the face of Jaya.

Jaya stroked the head of her dragon and looked at her lovingly "it's okay, I trust you will get help on time"

When her dragon had left, she quickly headed for her village. Because she knew the forest well she arrived quickly at the entrance of her village. The closer she got to her village, the hotter it became. Because of the heat, she knew that the fire was bigger than she initially thought.

She ran quickly through the village and moved carefully past the houses. There was no one in the village, so she hoped that all the people had left the village safely. She hurried to her house and saw that her house was on fire. Just as she wanted to continue walking, a net fell out of the sky. Because it came as a surprise to her, she didn't have enough time to evade it and she got caught in the net.

Jaya tried to get out of the net until she heard footsteps approaching. She looked up and saw the little brother of the queen standing in front of her. Everyone in the dragon tribe knew that he had only bad intentions and would like to take the crown from the queen. If he had done this, jaya knew that there was no hope that the people of the village would have survived. But she had to know for sure.

"My lord Kaidon, have you done this? "

Kaidon looked at her and laughed meanly "if you had been her earlier you could have heard the screams of your parents. No person in this village has survived. And it is your fault, if you had just accepted my offer this would not have happened "

Tears fell over Jaya's cheeks, her anger could be seen in her eyes "my lord then I propose that you reunite me with my family and people from my village because I won't help you"

Kaidon laughed and gestured to a warrior that he had to pick up Jaya "whatever you want. Oh but I forgot to tell you that your brother survived. It depends on you whether you get him back intact or alive. "

He walked over to Jaya, who was strapped over the shoulder of the warrior and grasped her chin and grinned falsely. "As you know, I am cruel. Every time you disobey me, I will chop off a part of your brother's body until you cooperate or he is dead. "

When Jaya heard those words, her body became limp with fear of her brother. She didn't mind giving her own life for her tribe, but her brother was only five and still had his whole life ahead of him.


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