Can a dragon love a fox
88 Chapter 87
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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88 Chapter 87

"Tell me what i need to do, but only with the condition that I'll be reunited with my brother"

Kaidon grinned "oh you still have requirements? First make sure that I am satisfied with the result. Since you are a student of Rana, I am convinced that you can make a poison that is harmful to the foxes of the fox tribe. You can find out for yourself what kind of poison and how to use it. It is time that I visit my big sister "

The last thing Jaya saw before she was knocked unconscious was Kaidon who climbed a wolf and drove away.


"Big sister the guard is coming! "A six-year-old boy with a cheerful appearance came running towards Jaya. He had light brown hair and eyes. He quickly hid the items he had in his hand and stood beside Jaya.

Jaya put her arm around his shoulders and looked at him "do not fear, you know what you have to do. It is just their round again"

The guard came in Brutally and looked around the tent. He didn't see anything suspicious, so he turned to Jaya and her little brother. He walked towards them with a fake smile. He grabbed Jaya roughly around her waist and pulled her towards him

"it is a shame that our lord is not so cruel as lord Kaidon, otherwise I would have had you warm my bed every night"

Jaya looked with disgust at the guard "I think you have forgotten that I am a healer, do you really think you would  survive a night with me? If I were you I would just let go, since I have put a poison on my clothes to ensure that not everyone can touch me without my permission"

When the guard heard what she said, he released her quickly. "You talk nonsense! You become cheeky because the lord treats you too well! But I hear that your poison has finally damaged the crown prince's fox. According to our spies, the fox won't even survive the night!

There was nothing to be seen in Jaya's facial expression, but inside she felt it was going to be an important night. The fox of the crown prince was his most valuable possession and most loyal friend. She was sure he would like to find a way to save his fox.

"Oh, I talk nonsense? How does your arm feel ? "

The guard looked at his arm and saw that it was set up and red. He tried to move his arm but he felt nothing in his arm.

"You little witch what did you do! For this you will pay "

knowing that he had orders not to hurt her he walked out of the tent furiously. At the moment he could not hurt her but the war would not last long. Then he will get her!

When the guard was out of the tent, she quickly turned to her brother and dried his tears. "Don't cry, Julan, don't forget that you're a warrior of the dragon tribe. We can take a beating. "

Julan nodded and stopped crying "big sister are you sure they are coming for the antidote? "

"Yes, I know that for sure, especially if the crown prince came with his healer. He is just like me a student of a great master. Do you have everything? I want you to leave as soon as possible, I am sure our king is fighting in the northeast "


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