Can a dragon love a fox
89 Chapter 88
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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89 Chapter 88

Julan moved nervously back and forth "how do you know for sure big sister? What if you are wrong? And I'm scared, I didn't take the test of the forest "

Jaya sank down on her knees and stroked Julan's cheek with her hand. " if  You survive this you have learned more from the test of the forest than me. I was still under the supervision of my trainers. I know I am asking a lot from you but you have enough poison and  training from me to survive. In addition to that, I am sure that my truth serum works. The information i got can't be wrong"

Julan shrugged and looked firmly at his big sister "okay I trust your words! Wait for my big sister when I met the king I will come back with help "

Jaya smiled at him and walked to the place where he had just hidden everything. She grabbed a cloth and wrapped everything in it. Then she shifted a kettle. Under the kettle was a tunnel opening. Jaya and her brother took almost a year to dig it. Now it was finally ready and Julan could escape.

She turned and motioned for Julan to hurry. Before he went into the tunnel she gave him a kiss and a long hug. "You are all I have left, take care of yourself"

Julan nodded and went into the tunnel before he was out of sight, he turned and looked at jaya "big sister wait for me, I'll be back!"

After Julan left she put the kettle back in its place and collapsed and started crying. Please be safe, Julan. The next check up round would be in two hours, so it would be a while before they found out he was gone. besides the night is still young, I think it will be a while before the Fox tribe attacks.

Jaya was sure they would be attacked. Especially now that the warriors in the camp thought they had won the battle and were less wary. Will I survive? The warriors of the foxes tribe must be very angry at me. Especially those who lost their foxes because of my poison. Even though not many of them had fallen, it was still a fact that a few had fallen. In addition to that, there are many foxes that are affected.

Her thoughts and nerves made her crazy, so she decided to go to sleep. Anyway, she should be ready for a fight in two hours. If she did not survive, she hoped that julan would reach the king of the dragon tribe with the antidote on time. She was so busy in thought that she had fallen asleep quickly.

Jaya woke up and looked around. She looked at her self-made clock and saw that she had slept for more than three hours. Had there already been a check up round? She got up and wanted to get out of bed. The moment she got up she felt dizzy and fell on the bed again. She put her hand on her head and looked around. Something is wrong!

Suddenly she smelled a familiar smell, paralyzing gas? she felt her body go limp and she had trouble sitting up. With difficulty she put a cloth around her nose and mouth and walked over to her medicinal herbs. She knew she had an antidote but couldn't find it.

She tried to walk to the other side of the tent but felt with every step that her legs became weaker and weaker. Besides that she also had difficulty keeping her eyes open and felt her consciousness sinking.


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