Can a dragon love a fox
90 Chapter 89
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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90 Chapter 89

Jaya could no longer stand and felt that she was lossing stenght and fell over. Just before she hit the ground, she fell into the arms of a warrior. The warrior's arms were muscular and held her in a firm grip. Although the grip was firm it felt safe.

With difficulty she looked up to see who that warrior was. All she could see was clear blue eyes and a pair of golden blonde curls that fell down his face.


Tatsu lifted Jaya and left the tent. Outside it was a battlefield everywhere around them there was warriors fighting. But Tatsu only had eyes for the girl he carried in his arms.

He walked with her towards the forest and when he was far enough from the battlefield he put her down. He took the antidote and gave it to Jaya. Then he put her down so she could wake up calmly. He stroked her hair and looked lovingly at her

"I knew it was you"

Tatsu sat down beside her and looked toward the battlefield. He saw that Huli was covered in blood and was fighting without mercy.

As soon as Jaya was awake he would also fight. Who knew that we would be so lucky and find the leader of the rebels in this camp. Since the death of Lord Kaidon, someone else had been chosen as the leader. Nobody knew who it was, but now they had discovered that it was Cuan's uncle. Like Kaidon, he wanted to take the crown from his brother.

Tatsu felt movement next to him. He looked at Jaya and saw that she woke up. When she noticed that she was lying in the grass, she looked around in terror.

"It's okay JaJa, it was my gas and I already gave you the antidote. u will feel fine in just a second"

Jaya looked up with tears in her eyes. There is only one person who calls her that. She sat down on her knees and touched him with her hand to see if he was really there.

"Tatsu is it really you! Are you really here? "

Tatsu took her hand and gave her a kiss on the palm of her hand. The last time they had seen each other was a painful encounter. Both the elders of the dragon tribe and the Fox tribe already had in mind who they should marry. But unfortunately they were not engaged to each other.

"I am really here, and I am not going to leave. But first the most important thing for us is to fight and then the antidote. Fu is affected and as you can see it has driven Huli to madness "

Jaya looked towards the battlefield and indeed saw that Huli was fighting as a possessed person. Despite his injuries, he fought his way through enemy lines. Their leader tried to hide behind his warriors, but Huli mercilessly killed everyone in his path.

"My little brother, have you seen my brother?"

Tatsu nodded "Yes, he told us everything. he is now on my fox on his way to the northeast with the antidote recipe "

Jaya got up and knocked off her clothes "even though I did not fight for a while I would do my best to assist you. As a thank you for liberating me and my litttle brother "


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