Can a dragon love a fox
91 Chapter 90
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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91 Chapter 90

Tastu stood up and gave Jaya a whip "if my memory serves me correctly, you are skilled in dealing with a whip"

Jaya looked at Tastu and laughed as she took the whip. When she was okay to move they ran back to the battlefield.

Huli was already fighting with the leader of the rebels and had the upper hand. In order not to stand in his way, Tatsu and Jaya turned to the warriors who wanted to get involved in the fight. When the warriors saw that they were losing , they wanted to withdraw. However there was no chance to escape, so some of them surrendered.

The leader of the rebels refused to surrender and continued to fight, even when Huli had taken his weapons from him. When he saw he had no chance of winning, he laughed and ran straight to Huli's sword

"you think I will surrender myself alive?"

Huli made no effort to evade him and stabbed him with his sword "do you really think you would come out alive, you have too much blood on your hands"

Huli stood in the middle of the battlefield coverd in blood and with the moonlight shinning on hem he looked terrifying. When the warriors who were still fighting saw that their leader had been killed, they dropped their weapons and surrendered in fear of beining killed by Huli.

Tatsu and Jaya had just finished tying the warriors when they saw a shadow behind them. It was the guard from first who came running towards Jaya with an ax in his hand.

"You witch becaus of you i had to amputated my arm"

The poison on his arm had driven him mad, and because of the hellish pain he suffered, he had cut off his arm in despair. He didn't know that the effect of the posion would only last till the next sunrise. Now that he knew they had lost, he had nothing to lose and wanted to take revenge.

Huli saw in the distance what had happened and had quickly thrown a spear at the guard. The spear hit the guard in his heart. The moment the spear hit him the ax fell out of his hand and he fell forward. Because he was already close to Jaya, he fell in her direction.

Jaya looked back and saw that there was a canyon behind her, she had no time to avoid the gaurd so Tatsu grabbed her quickly and protected her with his body. Because of the power of the fall, they lost their balance and fell of the canyon.

Huli hurried to the canyon but was too late to safe them. He looked down but because it was so dark he couldn't see anything. He collapsed and looked down with panic in his eyes. Did I kill my best friend? It is my fault that the man fell on them!

He turned and looked empty-eyed at his warriors "look for them!"


Jaya woke up with a bursting headache. She looked around and saw that she was lying somewhere in the forest. She was covered in blood and her clothes were wet. She tried to get up but felt her whole body was in pain. She looked around for Tatsu. When she saw him she looked up with fear. He lay unconscious on the grass a few meters away. she saw that he was seriously injured.

She bit through the pain and hurried toward him. She turned him around and looked if he was still breathing. He was still alive but he has a weak pulse. She looked around and saw that there was a cave in the distance. With pain and effort she carried him to the cave and when he was safe she went looking for medicinal herbs. Because she had been in the north for some time, she knew what was growing there and how to use it.


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