Can a dragon love a fox
92 Chapter 91
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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92 Chapter 91

When she was back in the cave and had cared for Tatsu, she fell into one. Because of the adrenaline to save him she had not felt the pain. But now she had done everything she could for him and she could feel every pain her body was in. She applied the healing ointment she had made to her injuries and sat around the fire. she had fallen asleep before she knew it.

She woke up because she heard the moans from Tatsu. She quickly sat down beside him and looked at him. She could see he was in pain. Unfortunately, she could not find medicinal herbs that would reduce the pain. She saw that he was shaking. Despite the fire, he was still cold. She took off her clothes and lay down beside him to warm him up.

"Please be strong, if you survive this night it will be fine. You can't leave me again "she ran her hands over his chest and held him tight. Tatsu stopped moaning and fell back into a deep sleep.

Tatsu woke up in the cave and looked around. Where am I? He tried to move his body, but all he felt was pain. He looked beside him and saw that someone was lying next to him. He looked down and saw a woman lying beside him.

Jaya felt that he was trying to move and woke up. she looked at him sleepily. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. Tatsu looked at her and began to blush and quickly looked away.

Jaya looked questioningly at him and looked at herself. She had forgotten that she had taken off her clothes and lay naked beside him. She quickly hid under the sheet she made again.

"Don't go get some weird thoughts in your head now nothing has happened. I just wanted to keep you warm! "

Tatsu was still looking the other way "thanks, but what am I doing here and why am i hurt? and may i ask who you are ? "

Jaya jumped up again and this time she didn't think about the fact she wasn't wearing any clothes. She grabbed his face with her hands and looked at him

"what do you mean Tatsu! "

Tatsu looked at her blushingly "so my name is Tatsu? And if we are this close, you most be my wife? What happened to us that we ended up in this situation? "

Jaya looked at him in disbelief, how can he be so calm and not stress? He doesn't know who he is or who I am? "You don't know anything anymore? How is it possible that you are so calm? "

He looked at her and laughed "I don't know why but when I look at you my heart starts beating faster and I feel happy and safe. So I think I am where i should be.

Jaya blushed. Since when has Tatsu been so direct? But I like it! The elders won't get their way, I marry no one but him!

"Yes i am your wife"


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