Can a dragon love a fox
93 Chapter 92
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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93 Chapter 92

While Kaida listened to the story of Jaya, she felt a pain in her heart. Jaya had been through so much during the war and now she is being condemned by the people of the village from the Fox tribe.

"How is Tatsu doing now, has he got his memory back?

Jaya looked out through the window and then back to kaida "it has been five years, but his memory is still not completely back. He knows parts of his past but nothing about his family and he knows nothing from before the war. The years here were hard and we desperately need the money so Tastu has taken a job in a village near the northeast tribe. They provide accommodation and three meals a day. He comes home once every two months. He is staying there with our two children. "

Kaida looked surprised at her "you have children? Do they know how you are treated here and why didn't you go with them? "

Jaya looked down and did her sleeve over her arm. "Yes a boy and a girl. Our girl is almost five and our boy is three. I could not go because I am a healer, I stayed here to sell medicine to the people. When an epidemic broke out here, I helped them. Only that has ensured that people now think that I am a witch. They even tried to burn me. But as you know it takes longer with us, but because the fire was so large it took a while for me to get out. That is why I have a burn on my arm. I don't want them to know and worry about me. Whenever they come I make sure I have enough food and I put on my best clothes. But because of the group of people earlier I have lost a lot of food and herbs. "

Kaida looked at Jaya with compassion. She was thinking how to help her. "I think I have an idea. Are you prepared to leave this cabin? I would ensure that your herbs remain protected until you have the same garden again "

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Jaya looked questioningly at her "I would be back a week every two months to be with my family "

Kaida grabbed her hand and laughed lovingly "that's not necessary, they can come with you. As you know, the first year of a marriage is the most important. In the first year its decided whether the marriage has the blessing of the gods. I would like a healer of the dragon tribe next to me if I have a child. Besides the healers of the fox tribe could not stand the heat if something were to be wrong with me or my future children. "

Just as Jaya wanted to answer, there was a knock at the door. She got up and went to the door, when she opened it she saw that Huli was standing at the door. She bowed "your highness come in"

Huli helped her up and pointed behind him "I hope this is enough to compensate for your loss. I am sorry that I failed to protect all the people in my tribe. Regardless of whether they were born in the Fox tribe or another tribe "

Jaya looked past him and saw several people standing with food and herbs that she could use for a year. In addition to the food and spices, she also saw that there were substances that she could use to make clothes or other things. When she saw all that she started to cry with joy

"thank you our King, words can't describe how thankful i am "


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