Can a dragon love a fox
94 Chapter 93
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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94 Chapter 93

Huli looked at her and thought he knew her from something, but he did not know were the had met

"sorry but have we met?"

Kaida saw that Jaya was startled and a little frightened. Is she still afraid of a conviction for poisoning the foxes?

"My king where should you have met her? Is it a reason for me to become jealous? "

Huli looked at Kaida and walked towards her and stroked her cheek "my queen you would never have a reason to be jealous"

then he turned to Jaya "I apologize if I have made you feel uncomfortable. It is about time that we go back to the palace "

Huli climbed on Fu and waited for Kaida. She gave Jaya a hug and smiled sweetly. "Tomorrow I'll have a wagon come to pick you up. please think about my proposal. You would not lack anything. And certainly not a conviction especially not because Julan has managed to reach the northeast. No fox fell on that battlefield. and on Huli's side all the foxes where saved"

When Jaya heard that Julan had reached the northeast, she started to cry again. All these years she had tried to find news about him, but she could not find anything. He must be almost 12 years old now.

" how is he doing?"

Kaida put her hand on her shoulders "he is doing very well! He is a student of both my father and my aunt. he is good at martial arts and healing. He is a warrior of the army of Koto. If you decide to come to the palace you will certainly see him during the annual fox festival! "

She laughed and looked at Kaida "I will discuss it with Tatsu, maybe it's good for his memory to return to his hometown"

Kaida walked to Fu, and huli helped her get on. Jaya looked at them. She was suprised to see Huli acting the way he did. Although he had a cold air arround him, he was gentle with Kaida.

When Kaida finished greeting, she climbed Fu and held Huli tightly. When they drove away she cheerfully waved.


"Are we going back to the palace now?"

Huli looked ahead and laughed "not yet I want to show you something first"

Kaida looked around and saw that they were taking a different route this time. Within minutes they came to a large area where all different colors of roses grew. In the distance was a large lake with a waterfall. The view was beautiful. Fu stopped in front of the lake and lay down so that Huli and Kaida could easily slide off her back. Huli gestured to Fu that she could run free.

Kaida looked around, What a beautiful place this is. Huli stood next to her

"shall we take a bath in the lake?"
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She looked at him in surprise: "shouldn't we be on our way back to the palace already? And isn't the water too cold now? "

Huli laughed and started to take off her combat uniform. He grinned mischievously, "are you not going to help me undress?" Kaida blushed and looked away, but helped him undress.

"is it not easier if you look at what you are doing, it is not as if you have not seen it yet"

When they were undressed, they walked to the edge of the lake. Huli jumped into the lake first and held out his hand for Kaida. She looked at his hand and then at the lake. Is the water really not too cold? Why does it seem like Huli doesn't seem to feel it?

"trust me "


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