Can a dragon love a fox
95 Chapter 94
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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95 Chapter 94

When he spoke those words, she took his hand and let herself be lifted into the lake. But instead of feeling cold water, the water was warm just like in a hot spring. She looked at Huli and saw that he was laughing. She didn't see him laugh often but when he laughed he was the most beautiful man in the world for her.

" I told you so? The water is always warm here "

Huli looked at Kaida and ran his hand over her hair, then on to her cheek and down her shoulders over her back. He touches every inch of her body with his hands. He saw that her cheeks had turned red and her breathing was a little faster. Why am I so attracted to her? When he looked at her in her eyes, it seemed as if only the two of them existed.

He pulled her closer. Would it be okay if I kiss her? Why do I want to kiss her so badly? He moved his face closer to her, but at the last moment he withdrew and kissed her shoulder. Then he gave her a kiss on her neck and from there he kissed her almost everywhere on her body.

When Kaida felt his kisses, she moaned, although it felt wonderful, she had hoped when he came closer that he would kiss her mouth. Does he not want to kiss me? Or is it because we are not in love? Mother always said that only beloved kisses. But what does it mean that he doesn't kiss me?

Huli saw that she was distracted, he grabbed her chin so that she looked at him "what's wrong?"

"Why don't you kiss me"

Huli was surprised by her directness. Didn't I just kiss her everywhere? " I did , didn't I?

Kaida Rolled her eyes and said " You know what i mean! a kiss on my lips"

Huli scratched his head " I do not know. Every time I have the tendency, I withdraw. Your first kiss must be special " he released kaida and stepped back.

Kaida looked at him and saw that he was blushing "we have gone further than a kiss, when you have the tendency to kiss me again you do not have to withdraw yourself. But now it is not necessary I want it to happen spontaneously, and not because I ask for it "

She took a step forward and slid her hands over his chest " are you not going to finish what you started? "


Huli and Kaida arrived at the palace late in the evening. As Kaida slept, he carried her in his arms to their bedroom. All the servants of the palace who watched it looked with amazement. Their crown prince had not been so caring since the war. When Huli had changed her clothes, he covered her and walked to his office.
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When he walked into his office, he saw an irritated Hu at work. When Hu saw him walking in, he looked at him furiously "do you think this is funny big brother? Those annoying councilors have put me to work! "

Huli walked over to him and stroked his head. "You did well, my gratitude is great. From now until the annual fox festival you can do whatever you want. Tomorrow I will convene the council members and inform them about the findings of Kaida "

Hu just looked suspiciously at his big brother "brother why are you so nice? And you won't take your words back, will you? " He got up quickly and walked to the door" I'm going to Dad's village since he is the only one there because Mama refuses to leave "

Huli looked at his brother and nodded "I'll see you at the fox festival in five days"


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