Can a dragon love a fox
96 Chapter 95
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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96 Chapter 95

He sat down at his desk and looked at the documents Hu was working on. Although Hu did not like to engage in politics, he was good at it. In a short time he had almost read and approbed all the document. In some documents he had made improvements and others he had done again so that they were in order. This was also the reason why Huli thought it was good for Hu to go to his father's village.

The next day, Huli held a council meeting and told everything Kaida had told him to the council members. they were surprised that she had returned so quickly and did not believe she had completed the task. That is why Huli pulled out the message from his uncle Okata and left the throne room before the servant finished reading. What a bunch of idlers are those councilors!

Huli walked through the corridors of the palace and looked out the windows. When he saw Kaida and Kyona, he stopped and watched. He saw that they were busy preparing the dragon ceremony. The surface they were going to use was large with four silver altars in each corner and one golden in the middle. A circle of dried wood and dried leaves lay around the altars. Huli did not recognize the leaves because it did not grow in the north.

Kaida saw that Huli was looking at them, so she waved at him. He waved back and then walked on. Kyona watched her big sister waved and rolled her eyes. I wonder if their marriage is going well, he is so cold !

Kaida turned to Kyona "sister, I am proud of you, you have done a good job. Come then we are going to drink tea I have something to discuss with you "

She followed Kaida to the garden and sat down next to her "why are you doing so mysteriously, you know I can't stand that!"

Kaida patted her head and looked worriedly at her. "Ky father sent a message about the decision of the elders. They have made a decision regarding your marriage. A month after your sixteenth birthday your wedding with the crown prince of the wolves tribe will take place "

When Kyona heard the news, she almost let her glass fall out of her hands " they want me to marry Cuan? Why him! I don't like him at all he couldn't even win a round from you! And after you left the wedding ceremony, he was surrounded by different women! "

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It was clear to see that Kyona was not happy with the news. But since it was a decision of the elders, there was nothing to be done about it.

"maybe he behaves differently if he is a married man? "Kaida tried to reassure Kyona.

Her sister shrugged her nose and looked annoyed in front of her "do you think I care that he's surrounded by women? I am concerned that he could not even win a round against you, I even succeeded to do that! "

Kaida looked at her sister and started to laugh "you know I let you win it, right?

Kyona laughed "don't be a bad loser big sister! We both know I won it honestly. The marriage is only in seven months. We will see if the gods bless my marriage or not. "


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