Can a dragon love a fox
97 Chapter 96
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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97 Chapter 96

The days passed quickly and the time for the annual fox festival had arrived. The gates were open and the village was colorfully decorated with all the beautiful flowers that grew in the north.

There were banners with the animals from all the tribes around the village. There were various stables on the streets selling everything from food to jewelry and clothing. It was busy and many people from different tribes had come to visit the annual fox festival.

Kaida walked with Jaya and her children through the streets of the village. Jaya and Tatsu had decided to accept Kaida's offer. Tatsu would only arrive a month later because he was still going back to the village where he worked to resign and train someone to take over his work. All four of them were excited, they had never been to the annual fox festival.

When Kaida stood at a stable she was suddenly called "sister-in-law it is an honor to meet you again!"

Kaida looked up and saw that it was Cuan. Kyona stood next to Cuan with a bored look. It was clear to see that she was not enjoying herself.

"Oh what brings you here? Are you two walking together? "

Kyona rolled her eyes and turned her back to Cuan. He pulled Kaida aside and whispered "your sister is not easy to satisfy! Since I can't go against the decision of the elders I just thought I'd make the best of it, but I don't seem to be doing anything right! "

Kaida thought it was ridiculous to see Cuan like this, but decided to give him a hand "my sister loves delicacy and delicious dishes".

Cuan smiled and took Kyona by her waist " come my dear , i will bring you to a inn where they have the most delicious dishes"

Kyona tried to act like she didn't care, but when she heard they had the most delicious dishes her eyes began to sparkel

" mm u should have done that from the beginning!"

They greeted Kaida en Jaya en walked away.

Jaya tapped Kaida on her back "would you not like to walk around with Huli? I know I would have liked Tatsu to be here "

Kaida looked annoyed at jaya "NO! I haven't had a good night's rest since I got back! And if it is not in the night then it is on a different time of the day! I'm tired of him! "

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Jaya laughed "that is the best part of the Honeymoon, it will get less afterwards."

They laughed while they walked through the streets of the village and while Kaida was complaining. Until they met the father of Kaida and four of her brothers and sisters. Kaida ran cheerfully to them "Dad, Kenta, Kimia, Kimora and Koda, its been so long!

Kenta was the twin borther of Kyona and would inherit the throne of the dragon tribe. He was just a bit smaller than their father and had an athletic build. Like his other brothers and sisters, he had black hair with a red glow, his eyes were glossy black with a shade of red.

Next to him stood Koda, 14 years old, slightly smaller than his father and big brother, he was the second prince of the drakentribe. he had, like his father, glossy black eyes.

Beside them stood twins of 13 years Kimia and Kimora, they were the third and fourth princess of the drakentribe. They both had thick curly black hair with a red glow and the same eyes as their father. They had the same construction as their mother. Not small but also not big, not thick or thin.


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