Can a dragon love a fox
98 Chapter 97
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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98 Chapter 97

The twins ran to hug their big sister. In chorus they spoke "big sister we missed you so much!"

Zuko looked at Kaida from head to toe and turned her around "tell me child, are they taking good care of my first-born? You know that I and your brothers dont mind to stand up for you "

Kaida looked at her brothers and saw that they were nodding in consent. Kenta approached her and pointed at her neck " big sister what have you got there?"

When he said that, Kimia, Kimora, and Koda came closer to see what she had in her neck. Oh, how I didn't miss their interference! She quickly put her hand in her neck and stepped back.

"Okay let me introduce you to my healer, if your memory is still good you will recognize her. This is jaya and these are her two children Joben and Tama ".

Kimia and Kimora approached her and looked at her. "She has lost some weight but this is certainly Julan's sister!"

Kimora nodded "Yes Kimia Certainly, look that boy looks like him"

Zuko walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder "I am glad to see that you are alive. I think Rana and Julan will also be happy with the news. Julan is registering for the fight tournament "

Jaya looked up in surprise and couldn't wait to see her brother. It was true that Joben resembled his uncle. And every time Jaya looked at him she felt a pain in her heart because she didn't know how her little brother was doing. And now he was so close!

"Ok then I'll see you soon the tournament is about to start, too bad you guys wont join! But make sure you encourage me! "

Kaida saw that Jaya wanted to see her brother, so she decided to go to the tournament grounds.

At the tournament ground it was busy with people from different tribes who had registered for the tournament. It was difficult to find someone because of the crowds.

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Kaida left Joben and Tama with Rei and went with Jaya to find her brother. They walked through the crowd until suddenly Kaida was roughly pulled back

"If it isn't the queen. I am surprised that you have done so well, but don't think you will get the chance here! "

Kaida looked up and saw Nana standing. She rolled her eyes "you dare more by the day, but don't forget that I am the queen. And every night I lie next to my king, with who do you lie "

Kaida took a step forward and whispered" and I think your father has already talked to you and you know the consequences if you go too far "

Nana cringed, it had indeed not been a nice conversation with her father. Okuri had told him everything and he was not happy with her actions. If she kept going he would marry her off and she didn't want that. She still wanted to choose her partner herself. She looked furiously at Kaida and walked away without saying anything.

Kaida wanted to grab Jaya's hand but saw that she was no longer standing next to her. She looked around to see if she saw her. After a few minutes she saw that she was looking a little further at a Boy who was standing next to Rei and Kyro.


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