Can a dragon love a fox
99 Chapter 98
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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99 Chapter 98

The boy lowered his knees and looked at Joben and Tama from head to toe as if he was trying to find out why they looked so familiar.

Kaida approached Jaya and tapped her "what are you waiting for?" Now is your chance! "

She gave jaya a gentle push in her back to give her a push to walk toward Julan.

Hesitantly she walked in their direction. As she got closer, Julan noticed her and stood stiff. With tears in his eyes, he ran to her

"big sister you have become so thin! How did you suvived, and did you live well? Look I survived despite my fear! The fox that helped me is still with me. She has two ki .. "

He did not finish his sentence and looked at the two children who were still with Rei and Kyro.

"sister the fox who helped me was from Tatsu, are those your children?
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Jaya hugged Julan and couldn't help but feel blessed

"Joben and Tama come and greet your uncle"

the two children came to stand next to Jaya and looked at Julan. They talked about anything and everything for a while. Then the sound of a drum sounded, it was time for the battle tournament. Anyone who would not participate in the tournament had to leave the tournament grounds.

Kaida looked around and saw that many people had signed up. She wondered where Huli was. she looked around again but did not see him anywhere.

Because there were so many people, they were split into four pools. There was a battle royal at every pool. The last four people who managed to hold their ground continued to the fighting matches for the public.

Kaida was a bit disappointed when she finished her battle royal. It wasn't even a warming up. When she came to the dressing chamber, she saw that Cuan, Hu, Kyro and Salmus had long since finished their battle royal.

"How come you were done so quickly"

Salmus laughed "simply because they put us together in a pool. We went against the rest, they didn't stand a chance! And how did your battle royal go? "

Kaida looked at their arrogant faces and sighed "as you can see I am one of the four who made it through. Julan also, the other two are unknown to me. "

Cuan looked around "it looks like we won't have our rematch, your queen. I know Huli's pool was finished long before us. I heard He and Ronin where brutal and only they two were left standing. So the last two that were defeated by them made it through. but I don't see them in this dressing chamber. So I assume we will be matched against the eight of the other pools "

Kaida looked up " Who is Ronin? "

all four of them looked at each other and burst out laughing. in between laughing Hu said "that is my brother's first general. It is not surprising that you do not know his name. everyone calls him first."

The door to the dressing room opened and a servant came in. A man in his late thirties stood next to him. He was around 1.80 cm and had a trained body. He had blond curly hair and blue eyes. The man had a smile on his face as he looked around the dressing chamber.

"Hello, My name is Taka and I will be hosting for the tournament. To determine the order of the matches you will draw lots, The other eight candidates will also draw lots. There is a number on the lots, Those with the same number on their lot will fight each other. "

He gestured to the servant to step forward. The servant had a basket in which folded papers were in.


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