Can a dragon love a fox
100 Chapter 99
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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100 Chapter 99

Cuan looked at Kaida with a smile and said "your queen maybe we will be able to have a rematch"

he stepped forward and picked up a folded paper from the basket. He unfolded it and saw the number 7 on the paper. He showed it to Taka and stepped back.

Kaida walked forward and took a deep breath before she also picked up a folded piece of paper in the basket. She opened it , and saw the number 1 on the paper. She showed it to Taka, while she was wondering which number Huli would draw. She stepped back and looked towards Cuan. it was clear to her that they will only have a rematch if they both made it to the finales.

"if it's the gods will there will be a rematch"

The rest followed their example, the two unknown men drew the lots with the numbers 2 and 8. Salmus drew the lot with the number 5 and Hu with the number 4. Julan drew the lot with the number 3 and Kyro with the number 6.

When they were done with that, Taka told them they could watch the matches on a grandstand. When it was time a servant would lead them to the grandstand, and Kaida could stay in the dressing chamber to prepare for her match. He wished them success and left the dressing Chamber with the servant.

In the other dressing chamber huli stood leaning back against a wall with his arms crossed. Next to him stood his first general. He looked around the dressing chamber and saw four people he didn't know. He saw that Rei and Nana were also in the dressing room. mm then Kaida must be in the other dressing room he presumed.

Nana saw that Huli was looking around and seized her chance to talk to him. "You don't think it is strange that we are in the same dressing chamber this time? Usually we are the ones fighting each other in the final "

Huli looked at her with a cold look and then walked away. "I don't have time for this nana"

before Ronin followed Huli, he turned to Nana "my lady it is better if you know when a battle is lost"

Nana looked at them furiously and sat down angrily. I still can't stand first! He always ruined my plans, since we were little. He never liked me, it was always Tatsu who spoke up. Her face turned gloomy while she looked at the wall before her.

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At that moment a servant came in.

"may I have your attention candidates. The battle royal have ended and it is now time to draw lots."

Taka stood next to the servant and again looked around the dressing chamber. Besides Huli, Ronin and Nana, he did not know who the other candidates were

"Hello candidates My name is Taka and I will be hosting during the tournament. As you have just heard, you will draw lots to determine the order of the matches. The other eight candidates have already drawn their lots. "

Huli nodded at Taka. He knew him well since he was the first general of his father's army and the father of his best friend Tatsu. He always had a hard time looking at Taka in his eyes because he still felt guilty for not having found Tatsu's body and it was his fault that he had fallen from the ravine.

Ronin patted on his shoulders, pulling Huli out of his thoughts. Huli walked over to the servant and put his hand in the basket that the servant held. He unfolded the paper and saw the number 8 on it. He showed it to Taka and went back to stand with his back against the wall.

Afterwards Ronin stepped forward and also grabbed a piece of paper, he unfolded it and saw the number 3 on it. He showed it to Taka and stood beside Huli. Taka laughed, so Ronin is in the same group as Kaida. I'm curious how far she will get.

Nana walked forward eagerly and quickly grabbed a folded piece of paper. She unfolded it quickly and showed it to Taka. He looked at the paper and said aloud "number 2". Nana jumped form joy and walked to Huli.

"This must be destiny, I am sure we will be together again in the final"


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