Can a dragon love a fox
101 Chapter 100
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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101 Chapter 100

Ronin looked at her and laughed mysteriously "Nana you forget that I am in your group this year. This time I don't have to bother about Huli. In addition, you do not know who is in the other dressing chamber. It is still too early to determine who will reach the final. "

Nana looked at him angrily and furiously walked away. Those two make me so angry! Why do they always have to go against me!

The rest of the candidates walked forward and pulled out their tickets. Rei drew the lot with number 5 and the rest of the candidates drew the lotw with the numbers 1,4,6 and 7. When they were done, Taka took a step forward and said

"The first match will start in ten minutes. candidate with the lot number 1 may prepare for the match. You have the pleasure of being the first to fight against the queen. For the candidates who would like to view the match there is a grandstand where you can take a seat. When it is time for your competition a servant will pick u up to prepre for the match.

A tall man stepped forward. He was at least 1.90 meters tall and had a strong muscular body. He had black hair and dark eyes. He had a tight expression on his face.

"I have drawn the number 1 lot. My name is Yama and I am a wolf tribe warrior. It is an honor to fight against the queen of the fox tribe "

Taka nodded at him and said ""pleasantto meet you Yama, you can stay in the dressing chamber to prepare. If the rest would be so kind to follow the servant to the grandstand"

Nana laughed enthusiastically and couldn't wait to go to the grandstand. Mm so Kaida is in the same group as me. Since her opponent is this Yama, she would not get far. I'm sure I can beat him, but a weakling like Kaida couldn't beat him. Laughing, she followed the servant.

The rest of the candidates also followed the servant. Ronin looked behind him and saw Huli walking the other way. He quickly followed him and took his shoulder "where are you going my friend? Do you not want to watch your wife match? "

Huli took Ronin hand off his shoulder and said as he walked away "you know I never watch the matches my friend." And if she doesn't even make it to the second round, it's not worth my time to see it. "


Kaida walked to the tournament field behind a servant. She was wearing a cotton top and shorts. She had no idea who the other candidates were, but she was sure that Rei was sure to advance to the next round. If there was a chance that she would face her, she had to make sure she could move freely. She looked up and saw that there was already a candidate on the tournament field.
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It was a tall and muscular man. He stood with his arms folded, looking straight ahead. The many spectators cheered exuberantly, but the man did not seem to get out of his concentration. Only when he saw Kaida approaching did he look up and let his arms hang next to his body.

When the servant had led Kaida to the tournament field, he walked back to the dressing chamber. Kaida entered the tournament field and faced Yama at a reasonable distance. The difference in length was clearly visible and many spectators began whispering among themselves.

"Look how frightening he looks, the queen doesn't stand a chance"

"You know the rumors about the queen, they say she's weak"

I don't know if this is a fair fight, you can clearly see who is at a disavantage"

"I don't know , don't underestimate the queen. We of the wolves tribe are sure that there is some truth in the rumors but still they are only rumors "

"Everyone in the snake tribe knows how good her martial arts are, it's rather the man I feel sorry for"


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