Can a dragon love a fox
102 Chapter 101
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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102 Chapter 101

Taka walked into the tournament field and stood between Yama and Kaida. He gestured with his hands that the audience should be quiet.

"Dear ladies and gentlemen, the time for the combat tournament has arrived. The rules are simple, no candidate can bring such serious injuries to his opponent, that it will be resulting in death. The winner of a match is determined by a knockout, when an opponent gives up or gets out of the lines of the tournament field. Each match will lasts 15 minutes, if they are over and if there is no winner, the one who inflicted the most injuries on his opponent wins. "

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Taka stops talking and looked at Yama and Kaida "are you ready? You are allowed to use weapons. If you want to use it you now have the chance to get it, if you don't have any weapons with you. "

Yama nodded at Taka and said "my lord I already own my weapon" he took hold of his sword and looked at what Kaida was going to do.

Kaida looked at Yama and smiled "I have no intention of using weapons"

Taka and Yama looked at her in surprise. Taka turned to her and asked "are you sure you highness?" "When Kaida nodded, he let it go and told them to take their position.

"..3… .2… ..1… .start" when Taka made that statement he made a high jump and landed smoothly next to the tournament field

The moment Taka said start, Yama immediately started moving. He rushed towards Kaida but stopped halfway. At first glance, it seemed as if Kaida had taken on a very casual combat position with different openings. Now that he was closer to her and he could see her well, he did not see a single opening, even though he was armed.

The moment the spectators saw that Yama was moving, they were cheering wildly. But why had he stopped halfway? The audience suddenly became noisy

"What is this terrible fear"

"I am paralysed with fear"

"I can't move"

Kaida heard what the audience said and laughed, it looks like it's my turn. She took of and appeared before Yama with a flash.

"Is this all the fear you can radiate?" "

Before Yama realized what was happening, Kaida sank through her legs and kicked him hard. The power of the kick was so powerful that Yama lost his balance and fell to the ground. Before he hit the ground, Kaida slapped her fist in his belly just at the right time. The force was so great that he was spitting blood. Her fist hit Yama with great force, which ensured that he ended up outside the lines of the tournament field.

Everyone was amazed and it was silent. Each tribe had a specialty that only the people of the same tribe could use. The people of the dragon tribe were able to radiate high temperature heat from their bodies. The consequences of this depend on the person himself. They say the earlier queen of the dragon tribe could burn entire forests without the help of her dragon and only with the heat she could radiate.

It was clear that Yama had also used the wolf tribe specialty. The wolves tribe were able to display a terrible fear that could paralyse people. It is said that during the war the current king of the wolves tribe paralysed an entire army of rebel warriors with fear, and thus won the battle.

While everyone in the audience was paralysed, Kaida was able to move without difficulty and was super fast. She had won the match in seconds. It had gone so fast that most people didn't even see what happened.

Only when Taka announced the winner and Kaida bowed before she left the tournament field, did the audience realize that it had really happened. When the audience was back to their senses, it started to cheer loudly.


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