Can a dragon love a fox
103 Chapter 102
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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103 Chapter 102

The only one that didn't cheer was Nana. She had clearly felt Yama's fear, and despite the fact that it didn't effect her much, it was a powerful fear. But it didnt effect Kaida at all!

She got up and went to the servant who was waiting for her, it was time for her match now. She was sure she would win. If I win then I have to face Kaida, she thought to herself. No matter, I was already looking for an opportunity to show everyone that I had been a better candidate for Huli!

Huli looked from the opening of the tournament field to Kaida, who was following a servant. He turned around laughing and was happy that he hadn't gone and watch her match for nothing.

The match of Nana did not last long. Her opponent was a warrior of the fox tribe. Although he was a worthy warrior, he could not compete with Nana. When Taka declared the winner, she happily walked out of the tournament field under the great cheers of the audience. Nana heard that there was more exuberant cheering at her than at Kaida and that gave her a wonderful feeling.

After the match of Nana it was time for the match of Ronin and Julan. The match was of a high level. It was clear to see that Ronin was at a higher level in terms of experience and skill than Julan. But despite that, Julan managed to stand up fairly well against him. When Ronin saw that Julan was exhausted, he accelerated his pace and made sure that Julan ended up outside the lines of the tournament field.

Ronin looked at julan and said "it was my pleasure, you have talent! I am curious about your progress at a later age "
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Julan bowed and said "it was an honor to fight against the first general of the army of the fox tribe"

Together Ronin and Julan walked back to the grandstands. On their way there they came across Hu who was on his way to the tournament field. Hu nodded at them and said "great match my friends. Who knows, maybe I'll see you in the next round "when he finished, he walked on

Hu's competition did not last long. He went against a warrior who was beaten by Huli and Ronin during the battle royal. The warrior landed outsde the lines of the tournament field in seconds. Which was not surprising since he had not recovered from the blow that Huli and Ronin had given him during the Battle Royal. Hu helped the warrior up and together they walked back to the grandstand.

Half of the games were already played and the opponents of two of the matches of the quarterfinals were already known. The public could not wait until the next day. They wanted to see the match between Kaida and Nana. Many were sure that Nana would win as Kaida's match did not show the skills she possessed.

It was time for the fifth match, Rei and Salmus faced each other on the tournament field. when Taka gave the start signal they started the game. Salmus hurried toward Rei with a sword in his hand. Rei stood with a spear in her hand and looked at salmus approaching her. Just when he wanted to strike her with his sword, she blocked him with her spear.

They exchanged strokes together but were on the same level. After a while, they each jumped in a different direction to create distance between each other. Salmus wiped the sweat from his forehead as he caught his breath. He looked at Rei looking for an opening, but did not see one.

I had forgotten how fierce Kyro's wife could be. Now is not the time to be soft because she is a woman. The gods know how strong she is, even her husband could not won against her, he thought to himself. He got a mysterious smile on his face. I think it's time.


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